Fans of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate have been upset to the ILO, wondering when Furie Fatale Terry Bogard, an Alun, joined the fighter’s list this month. But a Livestream event announced for the game suggests that it could happen as soon as possible.

The official Twitter account Nintendo versus confirmed today that a special issue would take place on November 6, featuring no other than smash bros. Director Masahiro Sakurai. The Live-Stream will focus on the bogard character and will last about 45 minutes. You can see the tweet below.

Since the flow will last 45 minutes, it is likely that we will see a little more than your usual game part. For example, the Smash Bros. The team could have an announcement of the release date of Bogard – perhaps even after the afternoon of the broadcast. And we will also have the chance to know who will be the fifth and last character of the first season of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, for publication at the beginning of next year.

REACTION: TERRY BOGARD IN SMASH - 11.06.19 Smash Direct | MissClick Gaming

None of this is confirmed. But the last time we had a broadcast smash_, Banjo-Kazooie was presented and confirmed soon after for the game. So we could be in store for a similar scenario here.

Oh, and one thing – you will need to get up early enough for this show. It starts at 6 pm at 6. We will be those who drink coffee when you wake up.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available now.