The order of anime arches can be a bit confusing sometimes, which makes you ask you when certain episodes take place and what a history they were part of. With so many parallel and spin-offs stories, My Hero Academy is definitely one of those animes that you may need help to follow the track, especially when it comes to finding out how much remains to be adapted. Here is all you need to know about all the arches of My Hero Academy, in order.

Before entering matters, it is important to keep in mind that there are three different sagas for My Hero Academy: UA Beginnings, Rise of Villains and Final Act. Currently, the anime is almost at the end of Rise of Villains, quickly approaching the final act.

* Spoiler WARNING: You will definitely want to avoid reading the past where the anime has been adapted so far if you have not read the sleeve, since these titles will ruin some very important upcoming events and will also yield light on some Other mysteries. ***

All Arches of My Hero Academy in order

Saga of the beginnings of UA

  • Entry exam arc (EP. 1-4)
  • Peculiar apprehension test arc (EP 5-6)
  • Battle test arc (EP 6-8)
  • Arco USJ (Ep.9-13)
  • Arch of the SPORTS FESTIVAL UA (Ephesians 13.5-25)
  • Arc vs. Hero Killer (Ep. 26-33)
  • Final exam arc (Ep.34-38)
  • Arch of forest training field (Ep.39-45)
  • Assault arc at Escondite (EP 46-50)

La Saga Rise of Villains

Of the three sagas, this is what is a bit out of place compared to the sleeve. Instead, the arc of the Meta Liberation Army of the villains occurs everything at a time, it begins in episode 100, then it does not see again until episode 108.

An episode of the arc of the paranormal release war is also launched in the middle of that. The anime is currently in that arc once again with episode 113. After that, we have officially tapped with the wall where the sleeve is a bit ahead. So be careful with spoilers after this section.

  • Arc of the provisional hero license exam (EP 51-62)
  • Arco Shie Hassaikai (EP 62-78)
  • Remedial arc course (Ep.78-80)
  • Arch of the School Festival of the UA (Ep.81-86)
  • Professional hero arc (Ep.87-90)
  • Set training arc (Ep.91-100)
  • Arch of the Meta Liberation Army (EP. 100, 108-112)
  • Arch of the Agency Endeavor (EP 101-106)

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* Arch of the war of paranormal release (EP. 107, 113)

Final Act Saga (SPOILERS forward)

  • Arch of tartar fugitives
  • Striped and Star Tie
  • Arch of the ARA traitor
  • Current arc (launch of manga in progress)

That’s all you need to know about all the arches of my Hero Academy, in order. If you are still looking for more information about the game, be sure to check the rest of the Academy World to see the rest of our guides, they have Many advice, tricks and frequently asked questions.

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