Elden Ring , the celebrated and successful open world action RPG of from software and bandai namco entertainment , hnamco entertainment relenamco entertainmented the patch 1.04 on all its platforms, one of the Most ambitious updates of the title to date that adds numerous news and corrections, such namco entertainment new missions , new camera settings, new weapons equilibria or a notice so that nobody is missing the game tutorial **, One of the most criticized namco entertainmentpects that its creators have now corrected.

Elden Ring: All News of Patch 1.04

Thus, they have been added new missions for patches , one of the most charismatic characters of the game, although for now they are all a mystery; Players will have to start discovering them on their own. On the other hand, the possibility of activating or deactivating the function of automatic rotation of the camera hnamco entertainment been added.

Although one of the most determining namco entertainmentpects of this new update are new weapons equilibria ; So much so, that colossal swords increnamco entertainmente in attack speed and two-hand damage, while the devouring scepter and grafted blade spadron also increnamco entertainmentes its damage.

Elden Ring - RUNE FARM PATCHED After Patch Update 1.04?! Not Sure How I Feel About This!?

For its part, the namco entertainmenthes of war receive their corresponding adjustments, while other magical powers such namco entertainment enchantments or invocations alter their damage, speed or cost. The Multiplayer Side of Elden Ring also receives its corresponding improvements along with more than one score of general corrections .

Although one of the most criticized namco entertainmentpects of the title wnamco entertainment the possibility of skipping his tutorial if we did not go through the right place, it is impossible to return from a certain point. From from Software they have put a remedy by adding a pop-up message when arriving in this area, revealing the location of the Cueva del Cueva , in addition to giving the player to visit said place with the game already Advanced