Sony said on March 30, he said he would strengthen its subscription model of its subscribed multiplayer service PS Plus. The summary allows you to enjoy a number of games as a subscription, such as a competitor’s Xbox Gaming Pass, and this time this time, the worldwide service schedules, including the domestic and other countries, were announced.

SIE Jim Ryan CEO said on the 23rd, PS Plus applied through the PS official blog. Asia (except Japan), including domestic, starts on May 23, and Japan is somewhat late as June 1. Since then on June 13 in North America and Latin America, the PS Plus, which has been enhanced from June 22, on June 22, will be started.

In addition, the cloud streaming service correspondence with the service renewal has been wide. The area added this time was not included in Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Cyprus Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia.

New PS Plus is divided into three rating of essential, special, and premiums. In the case of essentials, you can get the same benefits and prices as PS Plus, and you can download PS4 / PS5 games that are up to 400 to 400 won (75,300) for special cases. The game list is not yet public, but it is also added a third party blockbuster game as well as PS studio games.

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Finally, premium rating includes cloud streaming capabilities, and this is the introduction of a ‘PS Plus Deluxe’ plan because the function is not applied in Korea if the function is not applied. Special benefits are added to PS1, PS1, PSP, and the prices are added and the prices are added to the price of W12,900 / KRW 86,500.