The pain was to be seen Noah Weißhaupt. The young Freiburger had only been involved in the lawn in the Europa Park Stadium for seven minutes when he was lying on the ground with a distorted face. The 20-year-old collided with an opponent in a run in midfield and fell unhappily on the shoulder. SC coach Christian Streich had to take his talent off the pitch a little later, Weißhaupt’s right arm only hung down limp while walking into the cabin.

After the game, Streich already knew the diagnosis: shoulder corner blast. The season should have run for the winger from the Freiburg football school. At least that’s also afraid. “This is very bad for us. Noah was on a super route,” complained the 56-year-old.

He sits in the cabin and you can see that the shoulder is moved.

Streich nach Finaleinzug:

Christian Streich

Weißhaupt has been in the professional squad nine times in the past ten competitive games and has been substituted eight times. He was only promoted to the first team in summer, but also played eleven games for the U 23 in the 3rd division this season – last in mid -February. In the Bundesliga, Weißhaupt already succeeded in two templates this season.

“He is sitting in the cabin and you can see that his shoulder is moved,” Streich described the injury of his protégé. That is “a really stupid situation. It hurts me. But he comes back and then it goes on”. For Weißhaupt Jonathan Schmid came into play on Saturday afternoon, but overall the offensive outer lanes at SC are filled. U-21 international Kevin Schade has also been missing for some time. Too bad laboratories on an abdominal muscle injury.