If the printer of the information went to our colleagues to expute, Ubisoft was quick to confirm it via his Twitter account: the temporarily named Project Q, a Battle Arena Free-To-Play in teams, is indeed. in development.

The shipwreck of Hyper Scape, which will definitely disconnect April 28th not two years after its launch, does not seem to have scaling Ubisoft that prepares a new Free-to-play multiplayer. PROJECT Q \ – Since it’s still his little name – had been spotted for the first time on the NVIDIA GeForce Now database by our colleagues to Eurogamer in September of last year. A few days ago, Tom Henderson, great provider of indiscretions of all kinds, confirmed his existence by revealing the first details about the title, communicated by sources that preferred to be kept anonymity. Information expanded by a first video of gameplay leaving a game still little advanced in its development.

“Project Q” LEAK | “innovative and modern PvP battle arena game”

Visually, Project Q is part of the line line of the CartoonSque styles of Fortnite, Overwatch or Knockout City. On the gameplay side, two game modes have already filtered: the showdown mode that will oppose four teams of two players and battle zone where two teams of four will compete for zone control. The player will be able to select the weapon of his character, among a more original arsenal than that of the first GST coming: pistol with paint, fireworks, sticks or hammers, to name only a few examples. Finally, each of the heroes of project q can also make use of three wonders, the powers that will be attorned to make the most of it.

The title would likely be developing at Ubisoft Bordeaux, whose website announces that the studio is currently working on a PVP F2P not yet announced. Ubisoft has finally formalized the title in Saturday’s day, stating that registrations for future test sessions are already open and that it did not plan to market NFT for it. For the time being, no release date has yet been announced but it is nevertheless known that Project Q is expected on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC.