Coffee Stain Publishing announced on April 25 that the sales of “ Valheim ” had exceeded 10 million. The title, which continues early access distribution since 2021, has achieved a maid milestone without waiting for the official release.

“Valheim” is a survival game on the theme of Scandinavian mythology and buffet, which is being distributed early for PCs on Steam. The goal is to bring order to the chaotic world while defeating the nemesis for Odin, the main god Odin. The world of this work is automatically generated (procedural), with mysterious forests, snow covered with snow, and beautiful pastures. Players are searching for wildlife and fighting legendary creatures. There are also architectural elements such as housing and bases, and huge houses, farms, outlets, castles, etc. can be created. You can also play CO-OP play and PVP for up to 10 people.

This work has been talked about mainly on word -of -mouth since the early access distribution started in February 2021, and recorded the number of simultaneously connected players of more than 500,000 at the peak (Steamdb). In March of the same year, he had already achieved 6 million sales. After a year and one month, he has achieved sales to add 4 million more. Even today, about 15,000 to 25,000 users are always accessing and are stable and popular. At the Steam Ste Review, more than 290,000 reviews were collected at the time of this writing, and the status was “overwhelmingly popular.”

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“VALHEIM” is still vigorously updated, and the latest patches have just been distributed on April 11. The update eliminates a problem that sometimes the troll is irritating. In addition, there was a correction related to the map, and a map icon deletion function was set on the LB (L1) button of the game pad. In addition, some fixes have been made for Frost Cave.

In addition, the bug caused when poses under specific conditions have been revised. Also, when upgrading, I began to memorize the selected objects. In high -resolution, a defect that the number of split stacks may not be displayed has been corrected. At the same time, bugs also fix bugs that sometimes do not consume the right number of coal. The problem that some items are not covered with snow have been revised.

As for the easy -to -play -related adjustment, the selection marker of the hot bar was adjusted so that it could be easily visible even on a bright background while using the game pad. In addition, the console command “ResetSharedmap” has been added, and various development commands have been improved. In addition, when purchasing items from a merchant on a game pad, they will not be purchased twice, and the interface will be improved. Tips for keyboards and game pads have been added to the inventory screen. When picking up the tombstone, it has been improved that the items are automatically organized, and there is a problem that the tombstones cannot be collected at Swamp TreeS.

“VALHEIM” is being distributed to PC on Steam. The price is 2050 yen.