League of Legends is presented as a Free-to-Play and after too many games without having spent the slightest cent, we can only confirm the health of our portfolio, having not known how to preserve our mental health for being fans of only Q. But you have to put your feet on the ground and Riot Games does not develop their game just for our beautiful eyes. Its business model incorporates economic flow through cosmetics. No, we are not talking here about makeup or day cream, butskinsof all champions **, wards or even invoker icons.

The ** _ skins_ allow you They allow you to be a cool inside the invoker crack. We imagine that the business is less profitable than Fortnite, a teacher in this with his unexpected crossovers such as Naruto, Rick and Morty or Spiderman.

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But also, this is still juicy since we can find a lot of skins in the store for 1350 rp (that is, about 10 euros) as Senna Eclipse lunar , Bzzziggs O Porcelain Lux **. All tastes are in nature, but we listen TRUE.

Doinb could have revealed a well -ware secret secret

This rumor comes from the Korean Lng Kim “ doinb ” Tae-Sang. This former world champion is very popular within the community due to his extravagant personality, his performances in the field, his unique style. Reasons are left over to follow the former FPX midlaner, but there is also another reason to follow Doinb in its direct: the player is extremely talkative and very well informed. He is reputed to filter crazy and we still don’t understand why No one told him anything.

But for us it is very practical since during the signing market we can often have the information in preview with it. He also announced before anyone else who would play MSI online this year, due to restrictions by the Coronavirus. And while we laughed at him for his choice of the world champion aspect, won in 2019 at the expense of G2 ESports, he wanted to restore his truth, perhaps without hesitation to say too much.

Malphite, really number 2 of Skins sellers?

The information must be taken with tweezers, since we do not speak a word of Mandarin Chinese, but if we trust the subtitles,Malphite would be 2nd champion with more skin sold throughout the history of the game. It is really difficult to believe, But now that the rumor came to light, we really want to know if it is true. If Doinb ever spoke “only” about skins of eSports teams, it would be a little less impressive, but it would still be very surprising! Malphite is really an unpopular champion * and knowing this is quite surprising knowing how bad it can become in most games.

His gameplay is limited, his design is very raw and his biography does not make you want to be interested in this creature inspired by a rock. In the Toplane, almost all its clashes loses , in the jungle it really is not very useful and in the other lanes, it is often considered a trollpick … there would only be another champion ahead of him and when you look at Competition is difficult to understand. Champions like Lux, Ahri, Ezreal or Kai’sa seem much more legitimate . In addition to being often in the metajuego, they are more pleasant to play.

If we want to give some credit to Doinb and the person responsible for the subtitles, we can still find some somewhat positive signs:

The champion is very old *: Malphite was released in 2009 at the same time as champions like Nasus or Blitzcrank. Therefore, he would have had time to accumulate many sales figures over the years.
The champion has many _skins _ : Malphite has 12 aspects, which places the site in the middle of the list. Ezreal and Lux have 16 but some champions only have one very small cokmo can be fill or vex.
The champion has special aspects : In addition to the skin of the world champion FPX Malphite, there is also the Malphite Dark Star of prestigious edition
* The champion also has many Chromas : Malphite Mecha has 8 Chromas, Malphite de Odyssey has 6, Malphite Ancient God has 9 and Malphite FPX has 1. This diversity has fired sales a bit, or so we imagine.

Photo; Riot Games