While Austrian football legends echoes about Ralf Rangnick’s commitment to the ÖFB, Red Bull Salzburg Sports Director Christoph Freund speaks of a “coup”.

Ralf Rangnick Is The New Austrian Manager?! My Thoughts

With Hans Krankl and Peter Pacult, two domestic football legends over Neo-ÖFB team boss Ralf Rangnick in the past few days. “I would have liked to have had Peter Stöger or Andreas Herzog, an Austrian solution,” said Krankl at Sky Fest . “” It is disappointing and incomprehensible that it has not become an Austrian for the third time in a row, “said Pacult to.

Unsurprisingly, Red Bull Salzburg Sports Director Christoph Freund is not surprisingly positive about the Rangnick deal. The 44-year-old Austrian, who was able to cheer on the double on Sunday, are considered the whisperer of ÖFB sports director Peter Schöttel.

“I am always in exchange with Peter. I sent him the phone number, then the ÖFB had the conversations,” said Freund in orf. “Peter asked me if that could be an issue for Ralf, so I told him: ‘Call him on”. Then they spoke and that developed. In the course of the talks it has become more and more interesting, also for Ralf. In the end they came together. “

Freund: Rangnick is “extremely convinced” of his football “

For friend, the ranking obligation is a no-brainer for Austrian football. The still-chaste united coach would “have a lot of know-how and international experience”, and Rangnick is also an “meticulous worker”.

Friend continues: “He is extremely convinced of his way of football. Of course, he will also speak to the players and put together the different types of players. In the end, the whole thing has to work as a team. You will surely be able to recognize his handwriting. I think that it is a great coup for the ÖFB. “

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Freund already worked with Rangnick at Red Bull Salzburg, at that time the neo-team boss brought the less efficient Red Bull project on rail.