Publisher Team17 and Developer Overborder Studio announced that the distribution date of the new action RPG “ THYMESIA “, which is a new action RPG (“Dark Soul” + “Bloodbone”), has been decided on August 9 of the local time. bottom.

In this work, set in the kingdom of death, the player becomes a man with amnesia, “CORVUS”, and pursues the truth while dating back to a mysterious memory. The game has a complex biological weapon system in addition to a good tempo battle.


The kingdom that once flourished with the power of alchemy has reached an era of disaster. He noticed the price of alchemy and was backfired to stop using it. After many days, the kingdom fell into a turmoil, and monsters overflowed in the city.

The key to understanding everything is in Corvus’s hand. But he has fallen in memory. The truth is only in his memory, but it is only more mysterious that you can find it every time you go back.


Use the plague
Take away the illness from the eerie boss and use it as a weapon. Taste your medicine. That is the only way to survive this desolate kingdom.

Accept the inner crow
Transform into a crow at the time of battle. Throw the feathers like a dagger and kill the enemy at a speed of birds of prey.

Know your way of fighting
Upgrade and remodel basic movements and biological weapons. Establish your own play style and prepare for a trial that blocks the way.

Memory that falls apart
Let’s revive your memory through the adventure. The ending changes depending on different options and collected items. Let’s sew your own truth.

“THYMESIA” will be distributed to Windows (Steam, Series X | S. In Steam, a limited time (until May 10) has been released in line with the “Rogue: Mysterious Festival”, which started today on May 3rd.