Will it be exciting again at the top of the table? The thick nine-point cushion of the 1. FC Düren lost strength again after the demonstration of power in the 5-1 coup in the top game against FC Hennef 05. As a guest at FC Hürth, the class leader did not come beyond a 1: 1 and continues to keep the door in the championship race open for top persecutors Hennef.

Curious: Both goals of the day fell through an own goal. In minute 71 FCH defense man Ziegler steered the ball into his own goal. When everything was already indicated on a narrow away win of the 1st FCD, but also Düren’s attacker Vincent Geimer, who is actually known for scoring on the other side of the field, proved a fighting service to his team and unintentionally maneuvered the ball into his own housing.

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Hennef speaks

Despite the mini-person, 1. FC Düren remains at the top of the table, albeit with a little less distance than before. Top persecutors Hennef released his homework in the 4: 3 against Kellerkind SC Fortuna Cologne II, but made it unnecessarily exciting at the end. Here, too, an own goal opened the door to the 21st win of the FCH. Shortly before the break, Hornbruch drove the ball into his own housing (45th). After the change of sides, the game picked up speed and both teams revealed big gaps, especially on the defensive, a feast for every Oberliga attacker. So it didn’t take long for FCH attackers Klapperich and Cologne’s top scorer Miron Wessels each had to book a double pack on their daily account.

A Fortune finally made the preliminary decision again. Winkels stood in the wrong place at the wrong time and unhappily steered the ball into his own goal – the knockout for Cologne. Although the Fortuna was able to shorten again in the final phase, Iskra’s hit for 3: 4 was ultimately no longer a result of the result. In one game less – the judgment of the sports court for the canceled game against Blau -Weiß Friesdorf is still pending – Hennef is “only” seven points behind the top. For Cologne, however, the air at the other end of the table is getting thinner. The Mink-Elf is already separating ten points from the saving bank.

Vichtal leaves the danger zone

Meanwhile, VfL Vichtal can take a deep breath in the relegation battle. Arandjel Avramovic’s team used the mistakes of the competition from Glesch-Paffendorf (0: 6 against Bergisch Gladbach 09) and Alfter (1: 2 at Borussia Freialdenhoven) and catapulted themselves over the line. Against the Siegburger SV 04, the VfL found back on track in the first minute of the game after the flash goal of Siegburg’s Eck and turned the game through the goals of Orolade (42nd) and Dumslaff (80th) just in a 2 :1.

SV Eilendorf is still in acute relegation. Against the relegated SV Breinig Breinigerberg, the SVE did not get over a 0-0, a point that Eilendorf reveals to the competition – with a total of eight points behind the first non -relegation zone, but is still not enough.

The other two relegated SpVG Wesseling-Urfeld and SV Deutz 05 meanwhile went away empty-handed. Wesseling-Urfeld in the 0: 6 in Arnoldsweiler came up with the bikes again this season. The SV Deutz showed a courageous appearance at the fourth of the table SpVG Frechen, especially in half -time 1. After the 1-1 break, the guests broke the dams in the second round when Wilsdorf increased to 3: 1 per Doppelapck (74./84.).

In the medium of the table, FC Pesch did not bring an interim 3-1 lead at FC Blau-Weiß Friesdorf over time and had to be satisfied with a 3: 3 after the double strike from Mowitz (77th) and Todate (78th) within two minutes.