While Nintendo fans are waiting patiently for Metroid Prime 4, a Twitter user simply built his own metroid. But not for the Switch, but for the Nintendo 64. The result inspires the network, but also reminds of how mercilessly the Japanese publisher deals with such fan projects.

Metroid 64?? Amazing Fan Project!!

oldschool metroid inspires the internet

We’ve already introduced you to some impressive demakes ** in the past few weeks. To explain: Demakes is the reinterpretation or porting of a modern video game to old hardware.

In the scene from the From software master plant Elden Ring is particularly popular. This is also available for PlayStation 1 or even for the Nintendo Game Boy.

Brand new: Metroid for the Nintendo 64. The cult game around heroine Samus Aran appeared for many Nintendo consoles, including the NES, the Gamecube or the Wii. Metroid never appeared for the N64.

This has inspired the Twitter user Luto Akino to design his very own metroid . He now proudly presents the playable result in a video:

Luto Akino has developed his Metroid 64 with the help of the Unity Engine and is currently working to erase bugs. The third-person shooter is very well received by the Twitter community and so the gameplay clip spreads further and further on the net.

does the fan project get trouble from Nintendo?

However, this is also a reason for concern, because Nintendo is known to mercilessly stamp such fan projects into the ground. It is not uncommon for this to be initiated ** for this.

This is why several users in the comments warn Luto Akino. According to his own statement, he wants to leave this to the sky.

Speaking of sky, there is currently Metroid Prime 4, which was first announced in 2017. Except for the lettering, nothing about the upcoming switch game is officially known and an approximate release date is also still in the stars.