Since the big update 2.0 was made in November 2021 in Animal Crossing New Horizons, it is possible to grow vegetables (and cook them!), go for a coffee on the Birdseed, or enjoy new mysterious islands. Once a day, it is possible to take a boat ride (all sung) and cross a mysterious island with different resources. Most of the time, you will come across typical islands and islands that offer buds to collect, vines, and even cooking recipes with a bit of luck. Even the luckiest people can stumble upon an island full of star fragments or expensive sharks to catch. But did you know that it’s not the weirdest island at all? Thanks to the Admiral on the pontoon.

The different mystery islands available
During your excursions, you will inevitably come across one of the following mysterious islands:
ordinary island (78% chance to land on it) – with at least one gyroid shard to dig up
kitchen island (78%): with vegetable sprouts to collect and the recipe for cooking on the beach
seasonal island (rare 22%): with seasonal materials any time of the year like cherry blossoms, snowflakes, maple leaves, etc… + rare fish to catch and a seasonal crafting game plan
shard island (rare 22%) – with a multitude of star shards to collect
schistose island (78%): with bright green plants and vines + a particular crafting plan
A final island with a 5% chance to drop is Bell Island, not to be confused with the one that can be visited with Nook Miles Tickets through the airport. You will find many bell trees on this island instead of fruit trees. When you land on an island with a 78% or 22% chance, you have a 5% chance that the trees growing on it will be bell trees (bags have 1,000 bells each).

Even weirder?
As you may have understood, the rarest island in the game is none other than an island where you will not only have bell trees but also bell rocks (yes, it exists!). You have a 2% chance that all the stones on the island are belled! This equates to a 0.1% chance of hitting.

How to find the rarest island in the game?
Of course, the first step is to complete the “story mode” of ACNH, bringing Kéké to your 3-star island. Once this is done, you will unlock the admiral on the pontoon (beach), who can then take you to a mysterious island. The first time, remember to talk to Thibou in the Museum, unlock the Café de Figaro, and look for the pigeon on the island.
There is no silver bullet to landing on Bell Island, but you can judge your luck beforehand, thanks to Astrid, on Joe’s Island. If these predictions are optimistic, you better talk to the Admiral. We recommend doing it at least once a day.