League of Legends It is on the way to the launch of one of the most anticipated champions. Bel’veth has already been officially presented by Riot Games and everything indicates that its premiere will take place imminently. It is true that the company has not ended with the promotion work and we are still pending that its skills are explained in detail. However, developers have always proven to continue the same work pattern when a character opens and it is easy to determine when the launch will take place.

The most likely launch date for Bel’veth

Bel'Veth Release Date REVEALED - League of Legends
As we explain in previous cases, it is no accident that Riot Games accelerates in the ads in the week before the arrival of a patch (the next one arrives on May 25). Every time a new version is introduced into live servers, the next one begins its test cycle in the PBE. An alternative server in which we can all enjoy the new aspects, equilibrium adjustments and even the champions that are about to join the title. The process is always the same, so that each character spends two weeks in this controlled environment before reaching the live version of the game.

Everything that Riot Games has done so far invites you to think that will continue the same procedure that GLASC Conrena , which also officially appeared on the night of a Friday to be available in the PBE just a few days later. In this way, the key dates are the following:

revealed skills *: Before Wednesday, May 25
LIVE LIVING SERVERS : Wednesday, June 8

There is the possibility that Riot Games modified the launch for any unforeseen or that our theory has failed. However, it seems very unlikely. It should also be added that the champions usually launch on the live servers of League of Legends between 20:00 and 23:00 Spanish peninsular time (CEST). This is also a habitual custom in the company, which can be allowed to carry out any necessary emergency change if Bel’veth is too strong or is too weak compared to the rest of League of Legends champions.