The novel “Alice in Wonderland” written by Lewis Carol has been a motif of various media works before. The story of a lovely girl in the blonde wall meets the unknown watch rabbit. This inspired many people, and the nuclear power plant was in 1865, and now it is difficult to create a new feeling.

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So Hongik University’s Indie Game Development Team, Blanbee, was worried about the game with Alice in a strange country. The story is slowly embodied, and finally it was a visual Nobel ‘Fake Heart’.

What do the development team ‘Blanbee’ want to say through the game “Fake Heart”, which is very sometimes colored in a world represented by black and white? Game Mecca listened to Kim Hyo -hyun, the representative of the student indie game development team, Blanby.

Fairy tale writer Jade, and granddaughter Sarah

The game called ‘Fake Heart’ is basically the main episode between older fairy tale writer Jade and elementary school granddaughter, Sarah. The player meets various events and characters from the perspective of Jade. It is characterized by lowering the accessibility of the game itself by adopting well -known materials, un difficult operation method, and familiar SNS -type UI as a method of describing the content in the episode.

The game is a visual novel genre that can be easily conveyed while describing the episode clearly. For Kim, it was essential to study to enjoy the game, or playing the game even when he was stressed. So, I hope anyone can enjoy it easily, adopting the visual Nobel genre, but also saving the taste as a game as an interaction that takes care of her granddaughter, Sarah, or interaction with her family. It also introduced an music collection system that allows you to listen to your favorite music in the process of the game.

The story of his grandfather and granddaughter is the main story, but sometimes I can’t always meet the warm daily life because I draw the story of Jade and my son, and sometimes the story of Jade. Thus, as the game progresses, the player focuses on the change of ‘Jade’, which occurs by meeting different people. Thus, ‘fake heart’ tries to ask questions about whether there are objective criteria for right and wrong, conscience and morality, good and evil in various conflicts that occur during the game.

Eight teams, one story

Blanbee, a production team that made fake hearts, is an indie game development team formed in 2020, centered on Hongik University’s Sejong Campus School of Game and Design Convergence. A total of eight people, including directors, are working together.

Kim sometimes wanted to show something to those who identified Visual Nobel and Love Simulation Games. I wanted to show that the famous or popular visual Nobel has the same characteristics, so I wonder if there is a perception in the midst of a lot of stories in the visual Nobel. It may sound likely, but I hope that Blanby’s efforts will help you to change the perception of many gamers in the future.

I want to make my favorite ‘’ ’into‘ work ’

When asked what was the most important thing in development, Kim replied ‘communication’. Although there are various priorities depending on the development situation and genre, it is basically an unparalleled ranking in the position of leading the team work. In addition, communication between gamers and crew who play the game is also an important factor in creating games. I think it’s not worth it as a game unless anyone plays a huge philosophy and art in the work.

Kim’s closest goal is to develop a team called “Blan Bee” into a startup. Perhaps it was a reckless challenge for young students, but it is too shiny to be regarded as a dream of a moment. Blanby is in the third summer.

“From last year’s BIC and G-STAR events to the funding that we’ve been doing this time. I would like to say thank you very much to many users who have continued to send a message of support. Thanks to you, I was able to move on without losing my motivation even in difficult moments, so I could always face today. I would like to say thank you again for representing the team. ”Kim, who says, was full of energy for the next. I look forward to seeing what the truth of the ‘fake heart’, which will be released in November and will be released as a stove indie demonstration, will be revealed.