Like vampires emerge from the darkness, Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt appeared out of nowhere and quickly became an accurate insider tip for all BR players looking for an alternative to the same Fortnite/Warzone /Apex spiral tendon. The Battle Royale combines a third-person shooter with various movement options and supernatural abilities. While you can read in our test what we think of Vampire: Bloodhunt in general, in this guide, we will take you to the Vampire Academy and also train you to become a top blood hunter. We have Bloodhunt expert and streamer DamnChaotix at our side.

Top tips to help you dominate the blood hunt
The best archetype for every player
In Vampire: Bloodhunt, you can choose between seven different archetypes. These classes can also be broken down into four playstyle categories:
Thugs and Vandals (Tank)
Saboteur and Animalist (stealth and reconnaissance)
Siren and Muse (Tricks)
Enforcer (Offensive)

Which archetype you should take depends heavily on your playstyle. Each archetype has an active ability, a passive ability, and a special attack. Two members of the same category share the same functional knowledge but have different passive abilities and special moves. Here you can vary again with the same style of play. While you should try each archetype once, here are a few expert tips:

Thugs and vandals
Leap Attack: Great for locomotion and quick escape
Brawler’s Special Attack: Shockwave that deflects bullets (Good Defense)
Vandal’s Special Attack: Leap with the impact that sends enemies flying (Good Attack)
Saboteur and animalist
Go Invisible: Ideal for stealth attacks and quick escapes
Saboteur’s Special Attack: Poison Bomb (Good in combat and usable as a trap)
Animalist Special Attack: Swarm of Bats (Reveals other players)
Siren and Muse
Teleport: Great for locomotion, fast attack, and escape
Siren’s Special Attack: Blinding Light (good in combat, only applicable to a limited extent when escaping)
Muse Special Attack: Heal (Helpful, but ends on damage or own attack)
Invulnerability for a short time: Ideal for turning the tide of battle
Executor’s Special Attack: A forward dash that disables enemies (Ideal for attacking and defending)

From start to win: the right approach
The 40-player battle royale match takes place in Prague at night. While you can find good weapons and items on these yourself, you won’t directly engage in combat at the same time. At the beginning of each round, you can set your starting point. Even if certain zones lure you with better weapons, we recommend that you take a secluded position to get started.

Always be well taken care of and keep an overview.
The vampire radar is game-changing: That’s why you should activate it regularly with the X button to spot enemies, civilians, chests, and objects.
Keep an eye out for ambulances that have blood bags.
Police cars are also helpful as they contain shotguns and bulletproof vests.
The NPC military forces are aggressive and difficult to defeat, especially in the majority, but they provide excellent weapons and objects.
In shops, you can stock up on blood bags and weapons. But be careful: when you enter, you trigger an alarm that other players can hear.
Pay attention to the steps, jumps, and other noises. Good headphones and the proper settings will help you guess where enemies are.

Drain the right civilians
The civilians running around offer various buffs for a total of three levels, which we have listed for you here:

Yellow (Potent): Extra life – so you can get back in immediately after death!
Pink (Sanguine): Higher health regeneration
Blue (Phlegmatic): Active ability cooldown reduction
Purple (Melancholic): Reduced cooldown of special abilities
Orange (Choleric): Increased melee damage
Caution: If you attack civilians or they watch you drinking, the Blood Hunt will start. You will then be revealed to all players on the map for 60 seconds. While stealth players should prevent a Blood Hunt, aggressive players can alternatively use them to lure other players into a trap.

The best weapons
Assault rifles, especially the toggle
Double-barreled shotgun
Silenced submachine gun
sniper rifles
melee weapons

You have to remember three things when it comes to weapons: Don’t underestimate the melee weapons! If you get close to the enemy, save your bullets and end them quickly.

Second, this is very curious: Aiming slows you down in Bloodhunt. You often hit better if you don’t aim. You can see it well in this TikTok clip of mine.

Finally, it’s important to note that Bloodhunt doesn’t have remarkably realistic ballistics. So when aiming the sniper rifle, you don’t have to worry about the distance. The bullet hits pretty much where you shoot.

How you best win fights
To cover the basics: The movement and aiming should be correct. In Bloodhunt, you can be very agile thanks to climbing and jumping. Be sure to use it! At the same time, aiming in the BR game is very easy, especially when you automatically switch to slow motion while aiming while jumping. The general fight against it takes some time to get used to, and I can already tell you that you will often die, which is not bad.

There’s a term that governs a lot of Bloodhunt: Third Party, which means that in any duel, you always have to be prepared for a third party to come along and screw up the show for you. For this reason, I can only advise you to either always interfere in other fights or withdraw from your struggles and then attack again. On the one hand, you can heal yourself and, at the same time, prevent yourself from becoming a victim of a third party.

Blood hunt requires guerrilla attacks. You have to attack quickly and flee quickly. Any fight that lasts too long will attract other players. When you’re not collecting loot, stay on the rooftops! This is where you have the most protection, and you can hide more easily by jumping down.
Conversely, you will quickly be caught climbing up a house wall. Always pay close attention to the zone! Since, unlike other games, it doesn’t shrink circularly but dynamically, there are broader and narrower areas that lend themselves to different maneuvers.

And what applies to every BR: Beginners should play carefully, and the better they get, the more they can dare if you aim for wins. If you’re all about kills, all I’m saying is keep it in. And practice, fail, exercise! And then win!