During the fall of 2021, Star Wars Visions, an anthology created by different Japanese animation studies _,arrived at Disney+. Although critics and fans receive this work very positively, it was unknown if a second season was in development. Fortunately, all rumors and speculations have come to an end, since it has been confirmed that star wars visions will have a new volume.

Star Wars: Visions – Season 2 Rumored To Be Coming To Disney+ This Fall | Disney Plus News
Announced during a panel in Star Wars Celebration, it has been confirmed that The second volume of Star Wars Visions_ will arrive at Disney+ at some point in the spring of 2023 . At the moment it is unknown if the same studies of the first part will return, or if we will see a totally new selection.

The first season of star Wars Visions presented us different stories of all kinds . From a samurai fight with lightsabers, through a concert for Jabba The Hutt, to a duel full of adrenaline with the characteristic Studio Trigger firm. It will be interesting to see what are the studies that return and what are the new ones.

Remember, The second volume of star wars visions will be released in Disney+ in the spring of 2023. We hope to have more information about animation equipment as soon as possible. On related topics, here you can see the first advance of the new season of the Bad Batch. Similarly, a new animated anthology of Star Wars has been confirmed.

Editor note :

Star Wars Visions has been the best that has happened to Star Wars in a long time. The first season was spectacular, although with a couple of loose chapters. I hope that Studio Khara, David Productions, Wit or Mappa have the opportunity to work in at least one chapter on this occasion.