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Not any harvest moon, but thinning – Square Enixs game combines life simulator and role -playing

The Nintendo Direct Mini broadcast revealed harvestella appeared for PC and Switch.
_ Harvestelle_ seems to be a bit of a harvest moon-style farm simulator.
At the heart of the story is the seasons, which also make the game world change throughout the story.
According to the trailer, the JRPG-like battle against the hate people has also been thrown.
The art side of the art side is influenced by the final fantasy XII game Isamu Kamikokurery , while on the music side, the tales series Go shiina **.
Harastella will be released for PC (Steam) and Switch on November 4th.

Switch/PS4 version RPG time! ~ Legend of Light ~] August 18 distribution decision! Release announcement trailer release [Nintendo Direct mini 2022.6.28]

Nintendo Direct MINI, a new information disclosure of Nintendo, held on June 28, 2022. Aniplex is Nintendo Switch/PS4 version RPG time! ~ Legend of Light ~ ] has been announced on August 18.

This work is an adventure game that plays the handmade game Light Legend created by a boy Kenta, who is a game creator. In the Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One/PC (Windows) version that has already been released, the overwhelming quantity of games, including creative creative and more than 200 pages of hand-drawn animation, is in Japan. It has been highly evaluated by outside.


In the Switch Shinobu Game is a sexual representation. “FF14” of “Major Demonium Demonium Formula: Hen Hen” first week. “COVID SIMULATOR” is horrible. Gaming this week “>Nintendo Switch version, the package version (regular version, limited production limited edition) will be released on October 13. In addition, the Steam version will be released on September 13. The release announcement trailer has also been released.

RPG time! ~ Legend of Light-] will be released on August 18 for Nintendo Switch/PS4 version, STEAM version, and Nintendo Switch Package version will be released on October 13. The price is 3,650 yen (tax included) for the regular version, 4,950 yen (tax included) for the package version, and 6,430 yen (tax included) for the full production limited edition.

Nintendo announces a Direct Mini for tomorrow afternoon

With the tweet you have on these lines, Nintendo has ended all the rumors about their presentations to confirm that tomorrow, June 28, we will have a Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase .

As usual in these ads, we know little at the moment, beyond that it will begin at 3:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time) and will last 25 minutes. For the Definition of Direct Mini, yes, they will give information on third-party games on the way to Nintendo Switch.


From here, there is little more than specular, although it is always better to do it for less harmful predictions. On the one hand, Square Enix announced a Dragon Quest Treasures a month ago, a spin-off of his JRPGS franchise while confirming that in June we would have new news; Taking into account that nothing has been said yet, it would not be surprising if it was going through the Direct.

On the other hand, going to the already confirmed filtration of Nacho Requena, where he warned that it would be talked about a game that is on other platforms for four years, so I could coincide with the information of the reliable Stephen Totilo about an RDR2 in Switch (which, if true, would be a technical feat as few have been seen).

From here, rumors about the appearance of Atlus are their person’s saga (why not the 3 portable people, 4 Golden and 5 Royal announced Xbox recently), a Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope and, now without complexes after his Appearance at the Microsoft Conference, do not rule out a Silksong with its date, now that we know it will come out in the next 12 months. In any case, in less than 24 hours we will leave doubts.

How to become a marine biologist at Bitlife

Bitlife has many jobs and professions in which players can earn money, as in the real world. One of these professions is a marine biologist, and in order to become such in Bitlife, it is necessary to take a few steps. The first step towards becoming marine biologist in Bitlife is to create a character with a high level of intelligence. You can quickly create a character with a high level of intelligence by transferring your character. To become a marine biologist at Bitlife, after re-sigging the character, the following actions must be performed:

  • Create a character with high intellectual characteristics
  • Graduate School
  • Enter the college for biology
  • To attend graduate school

* Find a marine biologist on the vacancy tab.

How to Release characters in Bitlife

To beat the character into Bitlife, you need to re-create your character. When you recreate your character, he will have a different set of randomized characteristics. If you continue to transfer, the characteristics of your character will ultimately include a high level of intelligence.

How to enter college for biology in Bitlife

If you have a character with fairly decent smart characteristics, your next step towards becoming a marine biologist in Bitlife is to enter a college on a biologist. To enter college, you must finish high school, having reached the age of eighteen years. When you turn eighteen, your character will graduate from high school and will be able to enter the college using the option to do this in the education section. There is also the opportunity to enter the college immediately after graduating from high school. In short, when your character finishes training, you will receive a pop-up window with the question of what you want to do with your character. One of these options will be to enter the college , sign up in the army or take some time.

How to enter graduate school in Bitlife

To go to graduate school in Bitlife, you must first finish the college. After the college, you can go to graduate school using looking for higher knowledge option. If you do not use the option Search for higher knowledge, you can also go to graduate school by finding it on the Education tab.

How to get a job by a marine biologist at Bitlife

After you have completed all the necessary steps to become a naval biologist at Bitlife, you can get a job by completing a profession tab. If you do not see a list of marine biologist in the Profession section, try to update or restart the application.

To find out more about Bitlife, we will provide you with such guidelines as how to complete the task under water in Bitlife and how to become the general director at Bitlife.

Together with Persona 5 Royal for Xbox and Microsoft Store, players will receive everything DLC

Atlus has announced that the upcoming Persona 5 Royal releases for Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Windows PC will include all DLCs available at the time of release.


In total, more than 40 additions will be available, among which there are costumes for characters, new persons, battles with bosses and much more. Unfortunately, there is no information on the official website of ATLUS whether DLC will be included in the Persona 5 Royal version for Steam and PlayStation 5 or this proposal is distributed exclusively as part of the partnership with Microsoft.

The release of Persona 5 Royal will be held on October 21, 2022 on the consoles of the PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PC, and will also be available in Game Pass.

PS And Also Extra and Premium: Gaming can be eliminated once more

Sony likewise began the three-stage PlayStation Plus program in Germany today. While clients to the Necessary stage remain to delight in the benefits that the previous PlayStation Plus supplied, clients from Extra and Premium likewise obtain access to hundreds of games, consisting of standards (premium), several of which are supplied with streaming.

extra and premium games can be eliminated

There is a distinction contrasted to the Vital video game catalog, which is also included in the greater levels: the added video games of extra and premium are routine registration provides that do not have to remain permanently in service. This suggests that elements can be removed every once in a while brand-new video games are included. As necessary, subscribers sometimes lose access to specific titles despite having active membership.

Comparable to PlayStation Currently uses: If the content is no more supplied using PlayStation And also, you can no much longer access the titles as soon as they leave the service. If the title is offered in the PlayStation Store and you choose to get, you can access your memory data again-just make certain that you do not delete it, says an older FAQ.

On the various other hand, the cost-free games of the gamers stay in the collection of the gamers in the previous Playstation Plus as well as the Important games as quickly as they were used-so nearly purchased for 0 euros.

The very same relates to the download web content that is linked to the video games. The DLCs are unusable till the players decide to move into the corresponding game somewhere else if a video game leaves the solution.

If your membership runs or the material leaves the service, you likewise lose access to the DLC as well as the extra web content for this game. As quickly as you register for the solution once more or choose to acquire the title, you can use your obtained DLC and extra content once more, states Sony.

Further records on PlayStation Plus:
| Essential, Extra and Premium offered in Germany-all video games had in the overview
everything rather than one-the advertising and marketing video for the new subscription design **

Even if Sony already highlighted this difference between the previous PS Plus as well as the extra libraries of the brand-new degrees ** last May, the possible removal of video games from the premium as well as extra collections as soon as again caused outrage at the weekend break. It is a version that is utilized by numerous various other registration deals.

Information on the costs as well as elements can be located in this message

  • Level 1-essential
  • Level 3 Costs
  • Level 2-Extra


Which PlayStation Plus level do you subscribe? .

  • Level 1-essential 39%, 3437 votes

3437 Votes 39%.

3437 Votes-39% of all ballots.

  • Level 3-premium 35%, 3054 ballots.

3054 ballots 35%.

3054 Votes-35% of all votes.

  • Level 2-Extra 26%, 2299 Votes.

2299 ballots 26%.

2299 Votes-26% of all votes.

Total ballots: 8790.

29. March 2022.

Your IP address has actually already been voted.

Additional reports on PlayStation And also.


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  • Level 1-essential.
  • Level 3 Costs.
  • Level 2-Extra.


LOL – Patch 12.13 PBE: Nilah is the new champion, Sivir receives a reWork and arrives a great event

After the introduction of an update without a lot of changes, League of Legends prepares again for a small revolution. The next 12.13 patch is now available in the PBE to introduce Nilah in the game with some great consideration settings. Riot Games continues with the updates of the old champions and prepares modifications that promise to cause controversy among the community. Even without having yet published the complete list of novelties, we have more than plenty of materials to excite or be frightened for the next version.

The great novelties that will arrive in League of Legends in Patch 12.13

In any patch that premieres a new champion, this will be the protagonist. Nilah It takes all the community looks and will be available in the invoker crack from next July 13. A direct arrival to a Bot Lane where he will occupy Carry’s position. Atypical character that, apparently until now, promises to be one of the most powerful in his position. Improvements to the experience achieved, spectacular combos or invulnerability are some of his great bastions for triumphing once he joined the game definitively.

However, monopolizing the spotlights does not mean being the only one that deserves attention. Sivir is not a precisely new champion, but that does not imply that Riot Games’s great update does not promise to change it completely. The character receives a playable reown with which he will keep his identity, but adapting to the new times. We can prepare for a greater amount of damage in area and interactions, but above all for a great rebound in its popularity. Something similar occurs with Master Yi , which will be reinforced and the opposite with the divine heartbreaking , item that receives a hard nerf.

As for new skins, we are in luck. League of Legends receives on the occasion of the patch 12.13 the new cosmetics belonging to the Star Guardians . A very grateful novelty that will come accompanied by the one who promises to be the great summer event . On this last Riot Games he has not offered too many data, being one of his best saved secrets. The only thing we have moderately clear is that the chosen game mode will be Ultimate Spellbook .

Summary of patch changes 12.13 in the PBE

Then you can find the complete list of modifications, but before we are going to make a brief summary…

New Champion

  • Nilah

Champions changes

  • Buffs: Teacher Yi
  • Settings: sivir

Changes to objects

  • Nerfs: Divine heartbreaking

New skins


  • Star Guardians: Nilah, Kai’sa, Sona and Ekko
  • Star Nemesis: Fiddlecticks

Tetris put mobile

Do we truly require to introduce you Tetris? It is likely that Tetris was one of the points that defined your childhood if you expanded up in the 90s. Tetris is such a vital part in the history of the video game that each modification in the initial version undergoes massive objection.

Several of the criticisms in one touch concern the suggestion that Tetris is already excellent which it is ineffective to include one more mode which removes the main elements of the Tetris experience. To claim that Tetris had actually never ever seen a touch at a touch would be a mistake, particularly if you remember millions of Tetris duplicates and copies in the 80s and 90s. But it is a valuable enhancement that offers the most effective methods of improving an already established formula.

If you grew up in the 90s, it is likely that Tetris was one of the points that specified your youth. Tetris is such an important component in the background of the video game that each modification in the original variation is subject to large objection.

The various other modes are a little bit much more doubtful. They deserve playing when, just to see just how a touch in marathon mode functions. This mode is trying to take up the traditional Tetris gameplay and incorporate scanning gestures and also brick activity utilizing your finger. Needless to say, it is really, very awkward, which you are frequently knowledgeable about orders, which a Tetris video game must never ever manage. There is one more mode, called Galaxy. This mode highlights power-ups and also levels based on the level. Galaxy mode is an intriguing diversion, yet there are well-known EA trends with supplications to pay to unlock levels that do not truthfully should have to be unlocked.

The only development throughout the video game is the choice called Mode 1 trick. The idea is easy: instead of manually managing brick figurines, you are presented 4 or 5 prospective locations where your figurine can go.

The mobile version of Alexey Payitnov’s classic has actually shown up under EA, which aroused strong issues regarding the acquisition of the parts you need, for genuine cash. The good news is, almost absolutely nothing has happened as well as Tetris Mobile is just as good as it has constantly been.

Some of the criticisms in one touch issue the concept that Tetris is already ideal as well as that it is worthless to include an additional mode which erases the main aspects of the Tetris experience. To say that Tetris had actually never seen a touch at a touch would be a mistake, especially if you bear in mind millions of Tetris copies and also copies in the 80s and 90s.


On the whole, we think that Tetris Mobile is a decent version of a wonderful timeless video game. The former college gamers will not expand too much and also the brand-new players will certainly have a possibility to deepen their understanding on the fabulous video game.

Another LASK gamer! Andreas Gruber transforms to Austria

Articles and also video clips on the topic
* Leading sporting activity survive dazn. Register now! Can be canceled at any moment.

The 26-year-old wing gamer modifications from LASK to Austria Vienna and signs a three-year contract. The removal methods were agreed not to disclose.

The almost 27-year-old left foot was currently in the Bundesliga for Sturm Graz, Mattersburg and most lately at the LASK on goal search. The Styrian goes to home on both wings and, regardless of a cruciate ligament tear, had 24 goal involvement in the Stahlstädters in the previous 2 periods.

The shopping trip of the Wiener Austria continues. After Marko Raguz, Haris Tabakovic, Matan Baltaxa, Christian Früchtl, James Holland, Billy Koumetio and Reinhold Ranftl, LASK offending gamer Andreas Gruber additionally signs up with the violet.


Gruber is likewise happy regarding the deal: The conversations with those responsible at Austria were really positive, I right away really felt comfy. I am looking onward to the young Austria group, I enjoy it, if I can aid young gamers to create even more.

From the first conversation, Andi gave us the feeling that he definitely wants to assist with the upcoming jobs. We are rock event convinced of his qualities as a hazardous player with a good attitude, says sports supervisor Manuel Ortlechner.

  • Leading sporting activity live on dazn. Gruber is also pleased regarding the offer: The conversations with those accountable at Austria were really favorable, I quickly felt comfy. I am looking onward to the young Austria team, I enjoy it, if I can aid young gamers to establish additionally.

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