Since the new consoles arrived on the market, many video games have taken a leap for them, offering users updates that give a great improvement in graphics. This is happening right now with Assassin’s creed Origins, game of ubisoft that will be part of the new generation with a patch.

Through the official social networks of the saga, it is confirmed that we will soon get an update for ps5 and xbox series x/s, which includes a fluency of 60 paintings per second totally stable. The arrival date will be the next June 2 on both platforms. For now, there is no talk of an increase in resolution or something similar.

It is worth mentioning that this update of Assassin’s Creed Origins also joins the arrival of the game in the service of _game Pass, as it will arrive at the platform on the next June 7 . It has not been confirmed whether it will be a version to buy individually, or if people with the album and a digital version can update for free.

In news related to ubisoft. It is mentioned that they have not yet thrown the towel with Beyond Good and Evil 2, a game that has been in development for about five years and which we have not seen many advances. If you want to take a look at the full note, we leave you the following link.