With the opening of new regional leagues or the already known Professional Video Games (LVP) , it seeks to generate opportunity for players from the different countries of the American continent to reach the Northern Latin America League to look for the maximum Latin medal and possibility of traveling to international tournaments to face the best teams in the world.


The first step of the teams is to win the tournament of their region to be able to reach the promo/relegation tournament where they could ascend as was the case of Team Aze, however, today Riot Games has just communicated that A new format has just been implemented where the best teams in each region must face each other in order to reach these instances.

After months of intense competition, each National League will determine its representatives. Same that will be divided into north and south. For its part, regional norte League of Central America and the Caribbean. While in the South Regional the Champions of the Liga Master Flow of Argentina, the Liga de Honor Entel of Chile and the Claro Gaming Stars League ** of Peru.

Regional South

For this season you will have a format change. A Play-in phase will be played on August 8 and 9 among the second places of each South National League. Each of those 3 teams will fight in a Round Robin to the best of 1 that will serve to define the organization that will advance to the next round in order to have both regional with 4 squads and the same format in the main stage.

The next stage will be formed by the 3 best teams of the Liga Master Flow, The Honor League Entel and the Claro Gaming Stars League plus the winner of the play-in. These 4 organizations will play a whole against all of the best of one with a round trip on August 11, 12 and 15 in search of both positions to the final phase. The two best teams in the South Hemisphere will leave everything in the grand final on August 17 in a better 5 that will define the quota to promo/relegation to League Latin America.

Regional Norte

The North Regional will have a format similar to that of previous years. Golden League, Volcano Discover League, Telcel Honor Division and Elements League will send their best team to play a double Robin Robin from August 15 to 17 where the two squads with the highest score will advance to the Great end of August 19; where a better of 5 will define the organization that continues in search of sleep: advance in promotion/relegation and ascend to lla.

These changes seek to give a greater possibility to the teams to advance within the competition, seeking to generate a much greater competitive area where the teams of the regional leagues seek that little opportunity to reach the big leagues, now it only remains to define who will be who will be the representatives of each of the tournaments and see which to reach A Promotation/relegation to repeat the feat of Team aze and of Estral.