Food is the most important resource in miner’s craft . But in addition to the main products for survival, such as boiled meat, apples and bread, there are more bizarre options. One of these is the cake. Ideal for special occasions or if someone is simply configured for something additional, the cake requires many ingredients, but there is an effort spent.

how to make a cake in minecraft

To prepare a cake, players will need the following:

Dairy bucket * x3
wheat x3
Sugar x1
* Egg x1


For the manufacture of a cake, a workbench is required. After accommodation, the players will need to place three buckets of milk through the first row . In the second row from left to right, place sugar , egg and with cargo . The third row consists of wheat . This will be enough to prepare one cake.

A cake is a food that you can put and serve up to seven times. The necessary ingredients are the main products of the working farm. A bucket of milk can be obtained from dairy cows, wheat can be grown, eggs often appear in chickens, and sugar is collected from sugarcane. At first glance, it may seem that there are a lot of them, but in fact they gather quite quickly.

Those who want to revive their cake can also add a candle to an inedible cake. Then this candle can be lit for special occasions. Taking a piece from the cake, the candle will fall. A click on the candle will extinguish the flame.

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