Wit Games (CEO Kim Hyun-chul) announced on the 10th that it has officially released its mobile MMORPG ‘Item World’ in Google Play, One Store, and Galaxy Store.

The Item World tells the story of preventing the conspiracy of drinking to invade the continent as the protagonist from the world accidentally gains a sword.

In particular, the game name emphasized the fun of the item farming, and the boss hunting, dungeon hunting, and quests can be obtained a huge amount of items.


In addition, a mecca system that transforms into a mecca during the battle and has a powerful power, and a party with other users, adds a variety of fun to provide a variety of fun.

In addition, in the second day of the opening day of the opening day, the rare mecca equipment is provided as a compensation through competition with all server strongs.

In addition, various PVP contents will be prepared, and all server bosses, all server guilds, and plague battlefields are unfolded.

In addition, all the new users will receive a legendary fifth-class weapon ‘Xiaman Amazing Sword’ and ‘Titan Wings’, which is an event, and the special coupon code ‘ItemWorld01’ and ‘ItemWorld02’, which can enjoy abundant benefits in commemoration of the official launch. ‘