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It is a word that is sometimes used in fighting games, and it is called ‘catching happiness’. Mainly refers to catching techniques that use thighs or chests, and the most famous is the technology of throwing or squeezing the crotch into the opponent’s face. It is an attack that contains a painful damage, but for the above, some people began to express ‘happiness than hurt if you hit that.’ Some say, ‘Happiness is a reward in this industry.’

In fact, most of the ‘happiness’ technology is used by female characters. But catching with a strong thigh muscles is quite reasonable in martial arts, and of course men can use it. So I brought it. ‘Happiness is a reward in this industry’ is recommended for those who are recommended! Recognize if you are happy and happy!

TOP 5. Long-term F, Law File Driver direction…?

Long-term F. His specialty is a screw file driver, which is a technology that puts the opponent upside down and then jumps to the ground. If you get caught by this, the other person usually holds the outside, making it an extraordinary sore skill that has nothing to do with ‘Happiness Catch’.

A typical example is Street Fighter 2 or Zero. Obviously, the character, which was held on the outside, screams at one moment, towards the long-term F. Perhaps it was difficult to take a dot until the back of the back, so it was turned to the front or side, but for the character, it became a typical beneficiary of catching a face in the middle of the triangle panties. In fact, if your head is inserted at that speed, you can die instantly, but if you see it alive in the damage, you may be happy and the damage is less.

TOP 4. Clark Steel, Happiness Catch-Taunted Set

Like the above, there is another muscular and soldier catching character. The eternal uncle (2) Clark Steel of the KOF Ikari Team. Most of his catching technology uses the power of the upper body muscles, but the only legs… No, there is a technology to use it. It’s Frankensteiner, who hugs his opponent’s head with his thighs and throws back.

At first glance, Shel Me’s happiness comes to mind, but this is the original technology. For reference, this technology is linked to the addition of ‘Flashing Elbo’ after the completion, and if you do not deliberately enter it, it will open both hands from side to side and spread the ceremony (?). It is natural that the happiness index will rise to 300%after catching happiness and celebrating ceremonies!


TOP 3. King, Frankensteiner is also a triangle pantage than jeans

The King of the Tekken series also has ‘Happiness’. It is a technique that hits the enemy in the backbill in place, and it is connected to catch when hits from close. It is a feeling similar to the fourth place Clark Steel, with the legs on the opponent’s shoulders. In fact, based on the same professional wrestling technology, Frankensteiner, it is the same name.

In the case of King, the customs are slightly different, but they are basically wearing a professional triangular panty in a naked state. Compared to Clark Steel, which wears thick jeans, the area is relatively large and the distance is close, and the motion itself is slower, so you can feel happiness for a long time.

TOP 2. Chin Gensai, I eat alcohol by catching happiness

Gensai, a Chinese team, and KOF’s oldest participant. He uses a shaking right and casts happiness that is mainly for the characters to catch. It is ‘Gangeumju’, which is a corrective technology. When you use this technology, you get on your opponent’s shoulder, tightly join your head with your legs, and then forcibly feed the alcohol in the disease. With the legs of the legs, the crotch close to the face.

For reference, this technology has the longest duration of ‘Happiness Catch’ introduced in this article. In addition, the drinks that are feeding together are high enough to catch fire, and the high levels of alcohol are high-quality alcohol. It’s not Mureungdowon because you drink good silk and get drunk.

TOP 1. Soul Caliber Series Custom Custom (Sofitia Based)

In fact, the first place in this field is Sofitia, the hero of the Soul Caliber Series. It is also a character that created the term ‘catching happiness’, and the traditional character customization of the Soul Caliber Series is based on the sofitia based on high-exposed male characters.

For reference, Labor No. 8, which serializes [No 8 Review] in Game Mecca, is said to have been online with the underwear bald muscular fashion character, saying that he will do the same after he was in the early stages of Soul Caliber 6 Online War. He will be the one who practiced the catchprise of the movie ‘Parasite’, which happiness grows.