Klei ENTERTAINMENT/BRACE YOURSELF GAMES distributed the latest updates for the Steam version of Crypt of the Necrodancer on July 1st. This work has been updated for the first time in about 5 years. There seems to be a reason for sudden update distribution.

Crypto of Necrodancer is a rogue lyricism action. The structure changes every time the dungeon of this work dies. Players will eliminate many monsters, pick up equipment and items and power up the protagonist. This work has established its uniqueness by introducing the elements of rhythm games while following a popular system in rogue-like works. During the game play, inputting according to the rhythm that flows, various benefits can be obtained, such as increasing the number of coins that can be acquired. Conversely, if you don’t get the rhythm, you’ll be attacked by the enemy unilaterally. Game play, which combines the action that needs to keep up with the rhythm and the strategic nature that requires accurate judgments, has gained a good reputation.

This work was officially released at Steam in April 2015. It was later released for Nintendo Switch/PS4/Xbox One and iOS/Android. Later, in addition to the DLC Crypt of the Necrodancer: Amplified, a work featuring this work and Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda also appeared. The collaboration work Cadence of Hailal: Crypto of Necrodancer feat. Zelda Legend is on sale for Nintendo Switch.

And this time, the V3.00 update was distributed for the Steam version of this work. The last update V2.59 was distributed to the Steam version in October 2017, which is the first update in about five years. Improvements and changes in V3.00 are diverse. First, the reading time at the start of the game was greatly reduced. No beat mode is added to the game play, allowing you to follow the story with a rhythm. In addition, the Save and Quit function has been added, ending the game at any time and resuming. It is said that the progress will be saved automatically when closing the game window.

In addition, a custom music function that allows users to add their favorite song files has been renewed. Compatible with MP3, OGG, FLAC format files, and the music flowing in the game can be changed. The game side automatically determines the tempo and conforms to the rhythm game element. Here, the tempo of the song has been implemented in the background, and multiple playlists can be set. Special trucks for bosses, training, tutorials, etc. can also be customized. In addition, controller support has been improved for play in Steam Input and Steam Deck. It seems that the button icons for each controller have been added, and the button allocation function has been enhanced. In addition, various changes such as improving the Co-OP function have been implemented. Check this patch notebook for details.

It is a nice place for fans to have such an update after about five years. However, good news is likely to be waiting in the future. According to patch notes and official tweets, this update is a sign of Something Bigger which will be unveiled in the future. Before developing that something, he wanted to reflect the highly important feedback from the community in this work. Crypto of Necrodancer has been loved and has gained popularity. What is the developer Brace Yourself Games prepared?


Crypt of the Necrodancer is being distributed to PC (Steam)/Nintendo Switch/PS4/Xbox One and iOS/Android. The V3.00 update is being distributed for Steam. The update has at least the outlook for overseas console distribution, but it is not known when it will be distributed.