Remember that Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, the previous significant expansion of the franchise, went beyond 9 million sales out of 18 million Monster Hunter World, therefore forming the most significant success in Capcom‘s history.

The good beginning is verified for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. A week after beginning to sell 2 million copies worldwide, the expansion reached 3 million sales, which are added as a suggestion to the 10 million Monster Hunter Rise currently distributed on Switch as well as PC.

Capcom is obviously satisfied with these initial figures as well as plans to additional increase these data in the long term, specifically many thanks to the program of totally free updates which this expansion will benefit from August.

While Monster Hunter Rise as well as Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak have long shot of exceeding this record, the video game and its expansion are nonetheless a remarkable accomplishment for Capcom and for the Monster Hunter franchise business, which currently has greater than 85 million games offered all over the world.