On the 15th, the level Infinite announced that it will recruit a private test participant, which is developed by a shift and is scheduled to service. This private test is conducted for global areas including Korea, and you can apply by completing a simple survey, such as the preferred game genre and the device used on the separate application page.

‘The goddess of victory: Nikke’ is a worldview that produces a weapon ‘Nikke’, a collection of human technology that can face a new place in the basement of ‘Rapcher’ in the distant future, and can confront ‘Rapcher’. I put it. The third-person shooting genre with a cool blow, delicate graphics, and character visuals led to the hot reaction of visitors during the demonstration of the G-Star 2021 event.

Participants will be able to experience the most optimized builds in the closed test, as well as more advanced combat action descriptions, vast stories, and content. In addition, you can also find new contents such as 10 new characters with unique characters and ‘interceptors’ that stop the enemy’s march within a certain time. At the same time, the new boss Rapcher, which has become more powerful, will also experience various combat environments according to difficulty through the simulation room. Shift-up plans to actively improve the game by reflecting the opinions and feedback of the participants who converged through private tests.


Participants selected for this private test can receive e-mails containing testers as an input mail address, and will be rewarded with special limited items after the official launch.

For more information on participating in global tests, please visit the homepage.