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MultiVersus: Season 1 mit Arcade

The first period of the Brawler Multiversus has recently been postponed.
Nonetheless, the developer has a look at the cards and also reveals what it includes.
Thingle-loving players can eagerly anticipate a traditional arcade mode and also a new mode for ranking fights.

With Rick and Morty, brand-new characters are in the starting blocks and also brand-new cosmetics will certainly assist you individualize your appearance.
The appointment for Season 1 from Multiversus will certainly soon be revealed.

Dragon Ball Fighterz will leave on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, but they dont plan any more fighters in the future

Ads were expected during Evo 2022 and Bandai Namco hDragon not lacked his word. The Japanese study Arc System Works works in a native version of Dragon Ball Fighterz for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PS5. In fact, through a statement they have confirmed that Netcode rollback will only be implemented on new generation platforms, Dragon well Dragon PC. Of course, The developer hDragon dropped that no more fighters are working or equilibrium updates.

We are happy to announce the next launch of the PlayStation 5, Xbox X/S Dragon Ball Fighterz versions with the NetCode Rolling System implemented, they reveal in the statement. After investigating and performing different tests have determined that this characteristic is available in these systems , so they have already begun with the production phDragone.

will be updated for free if you have the game on PS4 or Xbox One

Players who have the previous generation versions will have the opportunity to update the new no additional cost. We also hope that the PC version will be updated so that users can choose if they want The presence of Lag. This is especially important in the competitive field.


The native version of Dragon Ball Fighterz for current systems hDragon no confirmed launch date . Meanwhile, the study hDragon confirmed that it currently hDragon no plans to add more fighters or equilibrium updates to the game, so everything seems to indicate that they have closed the doors to more post-lamination content.

Developed by ARC System Works, Dragon Ball Fighterz is a two-dimensional fighting game starring Goku, Vegeta and the rest of the characters in Akira Toriyama’s work. With Xenoverse 2 still alive and squeaky, The future of the titles of the saga pDragonses through Dragon Ball: The Breakers , an Dragonymmetric multiplayer video game that will go on sale on October 14.

LCK certified agent starts to accept qualifications to introduce a new system

**-System for selecting and managing agents with professional competencies for smooth contract bargaining of

** -Protection of the athlete’s rights through active intervention in the event of an introduction to the permit system and actively involved in the event of disputes.

-The potential agent grand prize preliminary briefing is completed… Reception of qualifications up to 26

The Korea e-Sports Association introduced the LCK Authorized Agent System to the preliminary LCK agent, and started the qualification screening from today (5th).

The LCK certified agent is a new system to select and manage agents with professional capabilities to help players smoothly negotiate and conclude in the e-sports. The LCK certified agent will conduct contract bargaining and salary adjustment (designated one person) on behalf of LCK, LCK CL players and coaching staff, and can carry out contracts related to other revenue sources such as advertising.

Athletes can focus on the economy by developing professional manpower to manage marketing, contract bargaining, etc., and the league is actively involved and sanctions on agent-related violations and dispute situations that can occur. You can promote stable esports ecosystem.

The LCK certified agent system is a permit system, and only those who have completed a seminar and completes a seminar to be qualified as an LCK certified agent.

The certified effect is up to two years, but this year is the first year of the system, and the exception is replaced by a seminar, and the qualification effect is maintained for only one year. This year’s qualified agent must be reemployed in 2023.

Even when the directly led to the role of the player, it is necessary to obtain a certified qualification for the management within the system, and they are exempt from the annual fee and qualification test. In this case, the agent qualification is given only to one player.

The LCK subsidiary and the Korea e-Sports Association prepared to establish the system and regulations, and the Korea e-Sports Association will be in charge of the operation of the system by utilizing the capabilities of e-sports competitions, and the LCK subsidiary will serve as a supervision of the system.


On the 3rd, the Korea e-Sports Association held a briefing session for esports agents and potential agents, which are currently active so that the system can be settled smoothly. More than 60 people participated in this meeting to solve the question about the system through detailed explanations and Q & A sessions.

In addition, from this day, the company will start a full-fledged procedure for permission to qualify for an LCK agent. The agent qualification screening process is accepted (5 ~ 26) ▶ Qualification screening (from September 5th to 23rd) Month 10th) ▶ Seminar (~ October 14) ▶ Announcement of Agent List (October 21).

The qualification screening is available at 5 pm on the 26th, LCK Authorized Agent Homepage . Detailed information such as application guidelines and regulations, and penalty indexes can also be found on the website.

Ghost of Tsushima movie: Andrew Koji obtains a discussion as a star of Jin Sakai

Amongst them, the samurai journey Ghost of Tsushima established by Sucker Strike. The flick to Ghost of Tsushima will arise from a partnership in between Sony Pictures, PlayStation Productions and 87eleven Entertainment. While it was confirmed in April this year that Chad Stahelski will certainly hold the placement of the director, it is still uncertain that will certainly get on the role of the main personality Jin Sakai.

A few months back, those in charge of Sony Interactive Entertainment once more validated that different successful PlayStation brands in the kind of flicks and television collection need to be implemented.


With Andrew Koji, that most lately as Storm Shadow in Serpent Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins was now speaking with a well-known star as a feasible actor of the primary character.

Koji explains itself as an enthusiastic gamer

In an interview with, Koji, who describes himself as an enthusiastic video clip gamer and also is presently hectic capturing on the 3rd period of Warrior, was carried out: I am presently behind Ghost of Tsushima. This is something I would really such as. I believe I can really quit a great Jin Sakai. I can enhance the entire point through my very own rotation.

I have actually already played the video game twice. Given that the video game is so good, it must be al1. That is the trouble with these video clip game movies.

More records on Ghost of Tsushima :

It continues to be to be attended what level those accountable for Sony Photo or PlayStation Productions could think about 34-year-old Andrew Koji as possible star of Jin Sakai. To fill up the major role of Ghost of Tsushima, it is formally quiet.

In a meeting with, Koji, that describes himself as an enthusiastic video clip gamer and is presently active capturing on the third period of Warrior, was carried out: I am presently behind Ghost of Tsushima.


| new sales number and various other statistics expose

Additional reports on Ghost of Tsushima.

Among them, the samurai experience Ghost of Tsushima established by Sucker Punch. The motion picture to Ghost of Tsushima will certainly result from a partnership in between Sony Pictures, PlayStation Productions and 87eleven Entertainment. While it was confirmed in April this year that Chad Stahelski will certainly hold the position of the supervisor, it is still vague that will certainly slip right into the function of the major character Jin Sakai.

Elon Musk hTitle Software no intention of launching a console to compete with PlayStation and Xbox: these are the reTitle Softwareons

Founder of Space X, Starlink, Tesla… Elon Musk is one of the most popular, ambitious and powerful personalities that exist. Known for all Videogames are pTitle Softwaresionate about ; During this year he hTitle Software enjoyed Elden Ring and on numerous occTitle Softwareions it hTitle Software been undone in praise towards the Title Software. In addition, we have also seen how he hTitle Software tried to implement ways to play aboard the cars of his prestigious brand.

However, and although I would not have problems addressing a hypothetical incursion into the console market, Musk hTitle Software been overwhelming when answering the question about whether he hTitle Software plans to carry it out: no , so short hTitle Software It hTitle Software been his answer during his participation in the PodcTitle Softwaret Full Send, one of the most important in North American territory. Then we leave you the complete talk.

Consoles are like a PC

By Title Softwareking him to develop his answer, Musk hTitle Software made clear his point of view on the current situation of the competition between Sony (PS5) and Microsoft (Xbox Series X | s): Right now, consoles are bTitle Softwareically Title Software a computer, so that I do not see the added value that would mean launching a new console , he explains.

What happens to the purchTitle Softwaree of Twitter by Elon Musk?

One of the great news of the year in everything that happens to the Internet wTitle Software the intention of acquiring the famous social network, one of the most used in the world, by the billionaire of South African origin. An operation that wTitle Software around the 46.5 billion dollars and that seemed to be about to close… until the hare jumped: after a series of enmity with the board of directors of the social network, Musk decided to retire, and now the company It demands that the transaction be completed. In this link you have All the information about what happened in chronological order . Next stop: Juucio between both parties in mid-October.

BVB – dubious vehicle: viewers have to remain in the Dortmund stadium

Due to a questionable vehicle with a running engine in a parking area around the Dortmund Signal Iduna Park, the spectators of the game in between BVB and Bayer Leverkusen (1-0) were asked to be introduced as well as by the authorities that the stadium did not to leave.


It was not to be eliminated that this lorry might run out of risk, stated the authorities by means of Twitter.

We are presently taking our very first measures to eliminate the hazardous situation. In order for the authorities measures to be brought out uninterrupted, we ask everyone to avoid the setting of the stadium. We will educate you when the unsafe circumstance has actually been cleaned up, it claimed.

23 mins after the match of the encounter, BVB finally provided the all-clear that the arena could be left in an organized fashion.

Articles and also videos on the subject
* Akanji leave? Terzic and Kehl: He increases
* Reus nets, Kobel Rettet-BVB conserves triumph against Leverkusen with time
* Register the Bundesliga on Fridays as well as Sundays solely survive DAZN-now!

Saturnalia: the Italian creative UFO offers its gameplay on video clip

Created by the Santa Ragione workshop (Tires of Aurelia) as well as anticipated this year on the Legendary Games Store, while waiting for various other systems, this horror video game occurred in 1989 in the make believe village of Grasse, in Sardinia. With its imaginative instructions right out of a feverish desire (the computer animations are influenced by film quits on picture and also rotoscopy), the video game mixes expedition as well as resolution of enigma however also obtains from the roguelite in its progression. Firstly, the town is produced procedurally for each and every new part as well as in the occasion of the loss of the 4 usable personalities, each being adjusted to a particular element of expedition as well as investigation.

Influenced by both Sardinian culture and classic Italian horror cinema, the Saturnalia adventure game puts in the time to present its gameplay in a three-minute video. Sufficient to be familiar with the city of Grasse and the four playable characters that seek to leave it, while piercing the keys of the winter season solstice routine.

No need to come and get a strategy on the web, therefore, specifically since the video game does not present any kind of compass or various other sort of pen, liking making use of cards at stake and also a common sense of alignment, even if We can still ask a buddy to direct us to a location. Finding out the town will be easier as you unlock faster ways and also other secret flows, or make use of lights to mark its flows (suits belong to source management).


The battle is not there, but you will have to recognize how to run away certain threats that can develop nearby. A caught character can still be launched by an ally. In case of loss of the 4 characters, the gamer will certainly not shed his progression as well as his hints, yet will need to relearn the architecture of the village which will certainly have been completely reset.


Saturnalia-Presentation of the gameplay

God of War Remake with Unreal Engine 5? A user hTeaser Play created it and the result impresses

Yes, it is the nth cTeaser Playe of an amateur who gets to work to show us a certain game with a graphic and technical Teaser Playpect complete a previous generation. But few have surprised us Teaser Play much Teaser Play this; This is the first God of War , which reached PS2 in 2005 by the hand of Santa Monica Studio, recreated with Unreal Engine 5 to give rise to a spectacular remake .

According to its creator, TeTeaser Player Play on YouTube, The Meta Human Technology hTeaser Play served him to have Zeus and Kratos It looks like a current game-or one that hTeaser Play not even come out, due to its graphic level. In addition, he hTeaser Play also been in charge of placing the camera near the god of war to equate to the current style of God of War (2018) and God of War: Ragnarok. Enjoy the complete video **.

God of War: Ragnarok, on November 11 on PS5 and PS4

The return of Kratos and Domen is, next to The LTeaser Playt of Us: Part 2, the most anticipated launch of the year between the users of PS5 and PS4 . Almost a five years after the original delivery, we are about to live a new and intense adventure, which once again is set in Nordic mythology. Although there is still much to see, in this link you have the synopsis of the story, and for those who stayed wanting to visit some kingdoms in 2018, here you have the map of YggdrTeaser Playil with everyone details.

How to get an ancient contraction in Dinkum

Progress in Dinkum can be quite slow sometimes. Start improving once you have gathered some recipes, bought essential licenses and tools, and have a good piece of sky on the island. One of the most difficult obstacles to overcome is when you start needing old gadgets. It is essential to create useful machines. If you have trouble finding them, you are not alone; Here is How to get an old gadget in Dinkum .

How to get an ancient contraction in Dinkum

There are several ways to get Old Contraptions in Dinkum, and each method depends completely on luck. Those methods include:

  • A possible reward of a quarry
  • Using a metal detector
  • A possible reward of a research application

At first, you will trust old gadgets using a metal detector. You will need a metal detection license and the tool itself to start, which can buy Fletch and John for 500 permission points and 7000 dinks, respectively. The metal detector points and wait for the metal detector to emit an erratic beep and pray to discover an old gadget.

Image Source: The Ginger Empire/James Bles


Research requests are another way to achieve old gadgets. If a visitor asks you to investigate an area, it is very likely to discover a satellite. When decomposing it with a peak, it will be divided into valuable components such as hot batteries, green boards and old gadgets, but it is not a guarantee.

Finally, Old Contraptions can be a possible reward of a quarry. Every day, a quarry will recover a single element, which means that having three quarries will recover three elements per day. If you are lucky and a barrel appears, the contents of the interior can include an old gadget. Once again, it is not a guarantee.

What does ancient contraction for?

The bad news is that ancient gadgets are used for a variety of useful vehicles, in addition to being an essential component to build a quarry. There are six recipes that require old gadgets:

  • Tractor
  • Helicopter
  • Jet ski
  • Cortation
  • Motorcycle
  • Cantera

On the positive side, most recipes that require an old gadget only ask for one, excluding the helicopter and tractor. When you are lucky and find an old gadget, use it to build a quarry first.

And now you know How to get an old gadget in Dinkum . As you will need to earn Dines, a quick way to earn money is fishing. gadgets has a useful guide on how to fish in Dinkum. If you have a couple of friends playing, the multiplayer mode is always an option to relieve the load.

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DBD development, new build & raid shooter Meet Your Maker! Players create all stages in a resource conflict

BEHAVIOUR INTERACTIVE INC., known for the development of the asymmetric multiplayer horror Dead by Daylight, is a new build MEET YOUR MAKER at the announcement event BEHAVIOUR BEYOND distributed on August 4, 2022. ] Was announced.

What is Meet Your Maker?

This work is a first-person build and raid game developed as the next main game of BEHAVIOUR INTERACTIVE INC. Game play is mainly developed mainly on the construction of an outpost, and the infiltration that attacks other players.

The stage is an end-of-world near the destruction. The player becomes the administrator of the experimental body Chimera, which was created as a last resort to save the life on the earth, and is the key to the evolution of the chimera, the most valuable resource on the earth, Pure Genetic Material (pure genetic substance). Enter the battle over. Each player will strengthen the defense to obtain or protect resources, and to gather more genetic substances by infiltrating the enemy’s base and behind the enemy.

Open base designed by all players

In this work, the player designs all the stages **, and we plan to enhance defense by changing the role, traps (traps) and guards (escorts) to enhance defense. 。 Create a outpost base to lure, pull out, and defeat the invading players.

To create an impressive outpost, you need to strategically combine many customizable items such as blocks, traps, and guards. Also, with the innovative AI recording system, the player can surprise the attacker (Raider) by recording the guard pathway in advance. If you use a replay system, you will see a pleasure expression that other players are exhausted at the discerning base.

Raiders’ Intire Insanity Challenge

To get the resources used for the construction of the base, you need to attack the outpost created by other players. The goal is to test the patience, intelligence, and reflected nerve at each of the outpost, and to survive, grab the genetic substance, and escape alive.

By repeating the challenge, falling down, falling down again, accumulating knowledge and capturing the optimal route. Since there are no same outpost as two, it will be a highly replay experience.

Interview with Developer

At the time of this announcement, GAME*Spark participated in the media presentation and had the opportunity to interview developers. In the following, we will tell you the contents.

-Is the stage only made by users? Is there any other outpost?

The basics are all made by players. Raiders are only players. However, there is a possibility that the outpost will be made by the development side by looking at the situation.

-Can I play with only one of the defense or infiltration?

I can do it. However, builders should be able to do both to get the resources in the game used for architecture. It will also be helpful for base making.

――Is you easily created a base that can not be captured?

Theoretically, it is impossible to capture, but it will be very difficult to realize. We are developing to become fair.


――Is it easy to create a outpost?

There is a way to create a base by obeying.

-What is the matching specification?

The raider side can search at a difficult level.

Meet Your Maker will be released on PC (Steam)/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S in 2023. A closed play test for this work will be held on August 24, Japan time. If you are worried, register your account on the official website and participate.

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