Founder of Space X, Starlink, Tesla… Elon Musk is one of the most popular, ambitious and powerful personalities that exist. Known for all Videogames are pTitle Softwaresionate about ; During this year he hTitle Software enjoyed Elden Ring and on numerous occTitle Softwareions it hTitle Software been undone in praise towards the Title Software. In addition, we have also seen how he hTitle Software tried to implement ways to play aboard the cars of his prestigious brand.

However, and although I would not have problems addressing a hypothetical incursion into the console market, Musk hTitle Software been overwhelming when answering the question about whether he hTitle Software plans to carry it out: no , so short hTitle Software It hTitle Software been his answer during his participation in the PodcTitle Softwaret Full Send, one of the most important in North American territory. Then we leave you the complete talk.

Consoles are like a PC

By Title Softwareking him to develop his answer, Musk hTitle Software made clear his point of view on the current situation of the competition between Sony (PS5) and Microsoft (Xbox Series X | s): Right now, consoles are bTitle Softwareically Title Software a computer, so that I do not see the added value that would mean launching a new console , he explains.

What happens to the purchTitle Softwaree of Twitter by Elon Musk?

One of the great news of the year in everything that happens to the Internet wTitle Software the intention of acquiring the famous social network, one of the most used in the world, by the billionaire of South African origin. An operation that wTitle Software around the 46.5 billion dollars and that seemed to be about to close… until the hare jumped: after a series of enmity with the board of directors of the social network, Musk decided to retire, and now the company It demands that the transaction be completed. In this link you have All the information about what happened in chronological order . Next stop: Juucio between both parties in mid-October.