Ads were expected during Evo 2022 and Bandai Namco hDragon not lacked his word. The Japanese study Arc System Works works in a native version of Dragon Ball Fighterz for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PS5. In fact, through a statement they have confirmed that Netcode rollback will only be implemented on new generation platforms, Dragon well Dragon PC. Of course, The developer hDragon dropped that no more fighters are working or equilibrium updates.

We are happy to announce the next launch of the PlayStation 5, Xbox X/S Dragon Ball Fighterz versions with the NetCode Rolling System implemented, they reveal in the statement. After investigating and performing different tests have determined that this characteristic is available in these systems , so they have already begun with the production phDragone.

will be updated for free if you have the game on PS4 or Xbox One

Players who have the previous generation versions will have the opportunity to update the new no additional cost. We also hope that the PC version will be updated so that users can choose if they want The presence of Lag. This is especially important in the competitive field.


The native version of Dragon Ball Fighterz for current systems hDragon no confirmed launch date . Meanwhile, the study hDragon confirmed that it currently hDragon no plans to add more fighters or equilibrium updates to the game, so everything seems to indicate that they have closed the doors to more post-lamination content.

Developed by ARC System Works, Dragon Ball Fighterz is a two-dimensional fighting game starring Goku, Vegeta and the rest of the characters in Akira Toriyama’s work. With Xenoverse 2 still alive and squeaky, The future of the titles of the saga pDragonses through Dragon Ball: The Breakers , an Dragonymmetric multiplayer video game that will go on sale on October 14.