**-System for selecting and managing agents with professional competencies for smooth contract bargaining of

** -Protection of the athlete’s rights through active intervention in the event of an introduction to the permit system and actively involved in the event of disputes.

-The potential agent grand prize preliminary briefing is completed… Reception of qualifications up to 26

The Korea e-Sports Association introduced the LCK Authorized Agent System to the preliminary LCK agent, and started the qualification screening from today (5th).

The LCK certified agent is a new system to select and manage agents with professional capabilities to help players smoothly negotiate and conclude in the e-sports. The LCK certified agent will conduct contract bargaining and salary adjustment (designated one person) on behalf of LCK, LCK CL players and coaching staff, and can carry out contracts related to other revenue sources such as advertising.

Athletes can focus on the economy by developing professional manpower to manage marketing, contract bargaining, etc., and the league is actively involved and sanctions on agent-related violations and dispute situations that can occur. You can promote stable esports ecosystem.

The LCK certified agent system is a permit system, and only those who have completed a seminar and completes a seminar to be qualified as an LCK certified agent.

The certified effect is up to two years, but this year is the first year of the system, and the exception is replaced by a seminar, and the qualification effect is maintained for only one year. This year’s qualified agent must be reemployed in 2023.

Even when the directly led to the role of the player, it is necessary to obtain a certified qualification for the management within the system, and they are exempt from the annual fee and qualification test. In this case, the agent qualification is given only to one player.

The LCK subsidiary and the Korea e-Sports Association prepared to establish the system and regulations, and the Korea e-Sports Association will be in charge of the operation of the system by utilizing the capabilities of e-sports competitions, and the LCK subsidiary will serve as a supervision of the system.


On the 3rd, the Korea e-Sports Association held a briefing session for esports agents and potential agents, which are currently active so that the system can be settled smoothly. More than 60 people participated in this meeting to solve the question about the system through detailed explanations and Q & A sessions.

In addition, from this day, the company will start a full-fledged procedure for permission to qualify for an LCK agent. The agent qualification screening process is accepted (5 ~ 26) ▶ Qualification screening (from September 5th to 23rd) Month 10th) ▶ Seminar (~ October 14) ▶ Announcement of Agent List (October 21).

The qualification screening is available at 5 pm on the 26th, LCK Authorized Agent Homepage . Detailed information such as application guidelines and regulations, and penalty indexes can also be found on the website.