Copium emotion is one of the many emotions available to Twitch users with installed extensions Betterttv or BTTV. It is also available through FrankerFacez or FFZ, as well as through 7TV expansion. People without the established extension will see the text only in the chat, and users of mobile devices will need to install a third-party application to see it. Emotion is a fake drug that is used to cope with various things. This is what Copium means and how to use it in Twitch chat.

What does Copium mean on Twitch

Copyeum Emotion on Twitch is a multifaceted way to imagine how someone copes with something. This can be seen using one of several third-party extensions in the user browser, for example BTV . This can be used with many different statements related to a large number of streaming content, or just as a reaction to what someone says. Here are some examples:

  • Reaction to a streamer, saying that they could win

* With sarcasm to say that someone is good in the game-You are good in this game Copium.
* Using it after intentionally sad statements-I am free of choice Copium
* Repetition of something that someone said with confidence, and turning over-I play quite well in Valorant Copium.

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What does Hopium mean on Twitch

gopy Emotion is available in the same extensions as Copium, but its value is slightly different. Emotion is used to indicate optimism and cannot be used interchangeably with Copium. When using Hopium, users tend to place it after extremely optimistic moods. In sarcastic use, emotion is used in the same way, which is why it is difficult to understand whether people are serious or just jokes.

What does Hypercopium mean on Twitch

There are several different versions of Copium, but they are not as popular as the standard emotion of Copium. Hypercopia is mainly used to designate sarcasm or is used as a reaction to someone’s application. It can be used in the same circumstances as the standard emotion of Copium, and usually it follows several statements in which Copium is already used.

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