Two Point Campus is a college player in which you can design and manage your own campuses. Along the way, many camps on various courses are available to you from magic and chivalry to music and sports. Your work is that the students are happy and healthy while they study at your college, which means providing all subjects and rooms necessary for their good. As you advanced, these materials will also need to be updated in order to keep up with the additional flow of students and advancing classes.

Certain objects in your campus can be improved as you advanced for many years, for example, your departments, your omni-electrics in your medical wing and some class interactions. Pressing on any of these objects and scrolling up up to up and the gear icon will allow you to update them at different price, depending on the level of update and the object that you improve. If the gear icon is not displayed when pressing the object, its further improvement is impossible. It will also require a certain number of days to complete the update, which is displayed next to the cost of the red clock and the exclamation mark. To start upgrade, you will first need a janitor with understanding mechanics .

How to get mechanics in the Two Point campus

To get a janitor capable of improving your objects, you must rental one with mechanics skill. Go to the personnel hiring menu, designated by a silhouette and a plus sign. On wipers , on the page, find an employee with an update icon under him and the mechanics skill indicated in the right menu. The higher the number under the symbol, the higher their skill. Click the green checkmark to hire them, after which you can begin the modernization of the desired object.

As soon as you have a mechanic and you will press the improvement button on the object, they will go to him to start working on it. Pay attention to the gear icon, depending on your object. This shows how much time your mechanics will take to process the object before your update is completed.

What gives an update on Two Point Campus?

Although there is no need to improve your objects, it is useful to continue to move forward with your students. Modernization requires time and money, but it also significantly increase learning and stability. When hovering a cursor on the icon, you can find their bonuses listed on the improvement tab. Modernization will help your students learn more effectively or faster to be treated with the help of the best equipment. The higher the level of the object, the more powerful it will be.

It is always useful to continue to expand and develop your campus as the deadlines come and go, providing students with a progressive and supportive atmosphere. You can receive high marks and earn stars for your prosperous campus. Do not forget to investigate that updates are available!


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