Tower of Fantasy has something to draw, and it is easy to get confused in it. This is especially true if you look at a huge number of objects and systems. One item that can confuse is acid-resistant icing. This can make you ask you what acid-resistant icing is and how to use it in Tower of Fantasy.

Acid-resistant icing is an improvement in the weapon in the game Tower of Fantasy. This is one of many items increases you can turn to your weapon . The modernization of your weapons and its strengthening is crucial to increase your power level. You can see below to find out how to get acid-resistant icing and how to use it in Tower of Fantasy.

how to get acid-resistant icing in Tower of Fantasy

There are many different ways to get acid-resistant glaze in Tower of Fantasy. The easiest way to open boxes with sets to improve weapons or purchase them in weapon store . Here are all ways to get acid-resistant icing in Tower of Fantasy.

  • A box with a set to improve weapons (make sure you have chosen acid-resistant icing)
  • Weapon store
  • Random loss from Password Chests II
  • Interstellar study
  • Spatial trials
  • Omnium lighthouse


How to use acid-resistant icing in Tower of Fantasy

Acid-resistant icing is improvement of weapons you can give a certain weapon, but make sure that you have chosen it. This includes the hammer of Ane and the molten shield of Huma. This item will increase the characteristics of your weapon, which will help you in battle. You must be wanderer of level 20 and your weapon should be level 30 before you can use this addition.

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