Gaming headsets have constantly lacked perseverance, just a few items make it through more than a couple of years. I have actually for that reason constantly acquired workshop tools, my initial hi-fi headphones have actually been with me, for instance, for 13 years.

longevity and also grandiose sound.

In order for it to stay this way, Beyerdynamic offers substitute for every part of the headphones on his very own internet site. For me it was a crucial reason for acquiring.

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This will remain by doing this for longer, given that the producer uses official spare parts at a cost effective price-a merit where many headset manufacturers could reduce a piece.

Its noise was melted in my hearing as a benchmark for good sound when I acquired the DT 880 Pro from Beyerdynamic. Because after that, the constructed competition on sheer quantity and the filigree has needed to gauge itself against the workshop headphones; The majority of them come a cropper.

Chris functioned in retail for almost 3 years as well as has actually commonly dealt with customers there, that stood in front of him with rickety, in the parts of resolving headsets. When he stood at the trial terminals in his market, he likewise recognized why-nothing was developed for eternity. This is stunned by him, after all, it would be various.

Chris Werian

What am I delighted about my decision!

stated, done: For around 25 euros I got a set of fresh ear pads, guidelines for exchange can be rapidly found on the main site. After nearly half an hour, the pasted originals landed in the trash as well as I had headphones that looked practically brand-new: .

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Given that I got a little nostalgic at her view, I didn’t just desire to offer it up. Beyerdynamic deals me the opportunity to get private elements, why should I miss them?

Focus ashamed: Throughout my current step you came under my hands once again, yet I didn’t wish to put them on. After gathering in the cellar for six years, looked anything however tasty: .

My DT 880 Pro needed to pave the way to a slight headphone for everyday life after almost seven years in which I utilized it around the clock. I also no much longer got the penetrative strawberry smell, which arised from an accident with a glass of fruit organic, from the ear pads.

Action 1 step 2 comparison.

Below you will locate my test for sinfully costly MG20, which however dissatisfied me a little: .

Would you like to make such a modification at your headset? The Sennheiser brand Epos likewise refers directly to spare parts on the product web pages.


Master & Dynamic MG20 headset for PS5 in the test.

They even seem like on the initial day and I’m most pleased concerning that. With the function scheme of a modern-day headphone-for me, for instance, the wireless compatibility with mobile phones and consoles or even the haptic comments from the Razer Kaira Pro-the DT 880 Pro can not keep up, but that does not trouble me in the least.

little official spare parts for headsets.


Damn costly, yet also damn great?

Of course, it is a good idea to pay focus to the sustainability of a headset when purchasing. A check out the product page of the corresponding model normally discloses whether spare parts are supplied.

Chris functioned in retail for practically three years as well as has actually typically dealt with consumers there, that stood in front of him with rickety, in the components of dealing with headsets. With the attribute palette of a contemporary headphone-for me, for example, the wireless compatibility with smartphones and consoles or even the haptic feedback from the Razer Kaira Pro-the DT 880 Pro can not keep up, yet that doesn’t trouble me in the least. Would you like to make such a modification at your headset? With pricey items, such as the Master & Characteristics MG20, which I was able to examine in springtime, it is not uncommon to be able to purchase easily to be replaced. The Sennheiser brand Epos likewise refers directly to spare parts on the product pages.

Mostly all suppliers that generate a huge number of essentially various items and also depend on mass have just a couple of spare parts on offer. For instance, Razer supplies ear pads only for its most prominent designs, spare parts for older headsets are entirely missing out on.

In the lower price section, it comes to be a zappenduster: For brand names that are largely frolic in the reduced cost range-for instance, I considered Turtle Beach, Hyperx and Logitech-there are normally no spare parts. It is consciously anticipated that it is disposable fountain.

This attitude is very bothered by me, especially because an increasing number of economical brand names are attempting to enter costly sectors with costly items. Costs materials below, Premium audio there-I actually do not rub myself on such advertising and marketing concepts, however it should not be that a premium headset is forced to exceptional waste even if an item of meant premium Fabric is used.

The exchange should function as basic just like my Beyerdynamic headphones: A lot of ear pads are just clipped right into the housing for the sake of simplicity, on YouTube you will find many directions.

third-party producer as the only escape.

Because the products utilized, specifically synthetic leather, wear faster than, as an example, the velor’s recommendations of my Beyerdynamic headphones, this is truly bothersome.

For me, research study in advance-I might even choose my Beyerdynamic headphones after the general overhaul than previously, nevertheless, they have actually been able to show that they can still be expected in years.


Which headphones or which headset have kept the longest with you? .

In the most usual headset models you can likewise discover third-party ear pads in the biggest online stores. These do not always attain the high quality of the initial, there is nothing else option, then self-experiment is most definitely less expensive than purchasing a brand-new headset.