After the idea of Ana, Krafton has now revealed more information regarding the future of his virtual influencer. Since today, spectators can obtain a little understanding into their day-to-day life with the beginning of Anas YouTube Canal as well as Instagram account.

Ana is more than one could assume at very first glimpse, since she has unexpected forces. Ana not just does not have to stress regarding traffic, however likewise has a fizz soap bladder cannon with which she can lift the mood of everyone around her.

Krafton plans to expand its business areas past the gaming area and disclosed the initial photos of a virtual person in June.

The ANA developed by Krafton was developed with the help of hyperrealism and deep learning technology. With the beginning of her new YouTube and also Instagram network, Ana desires to constantly publish brand-new and also appealing material and likewise works with her very own song and also video.

As a digital influencer, Ana has numerous leisure activities, consisting of games, dancing, fashion and also songs. Ana’s greatest goal is to delight their followers with their songs and also web content and make them happy.