Little by little the arc of Granolah is moving on in the manga of Dragon Ball Super, with a fight in which we have seen the potential of the ultra ego of vegeta and also the ultra instinct of Goku . And now, through a kind of Cliffhanger, the return of a certain known villain of the saga that can surprise anime fans would be confirmed.

Spoilers below!

On a preliminary page of Chapter 87 of Dragon Ball Super , the arrival of Freezer is insinuated, with energy explosions that go through the mine while they take to Goku , Vegeta and Granolah By surprise. The main objective of the heeers was not to eliminate Granolah and the Saiyans, but to get them out of the way to seize the strength of Freezer .

During the Power Tournament in Dragon Ball Super , Freezer joined the Z Warriors to be able to ask for the desire of Sheng-Long and also save the seven universe from the total destruction. However, during the Broly movie he was a villain again to try to use the legendary Saiyan to his convenience, something that in the end did not materialize thanks to Vegeta and * Goku * .

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