[blockchain business Moon Young-soo] Wemade (CEO Jang Hyun-guk) has established a branch in Dubai, UAE to strengthen its global business capabilities, and is targeting the Middle East.

Governor Dubai was established as part of the expansion of the Wemade blockchain business. This is the first time Wemade is the case of establishing a branch in the UAE.

The Middle East has the potential for future growth such as digital assets and blockchain technology. In particular, Dubai has been showing a steep growth in the game industry, and the government has attracted attention as a base for global IT companies as well as Wemade, including positive attitudes in the blockchain business.


In addition, Dubai has recently focused on building the digital innovation industry with a ‘pro-blockchain’. It is also leading a leading and bold policy for business ecosystems and virtual asset services based on blockchain technology.

Jang Hyun-guk, CEO of Wemade, visited Dubai on the 17th to interview live broadcasting TV with CNBC Arabia, a wide range of air channels, to introduce the overall blockchain business and intergate economy implementation and the vision of WEMIX coin. In addition, Dubai’s local media was interested, and many interviews were played.

In an interview, Jang Hyun-guk said, Games that can apply blockchain technology such as coin, NFT, and Defi can expand the well-designed game in-game economy to the real world outside the game.

In addition, WeMade has already established branch offices in Singapore, China, Japan, the United States, etc. in addition to Dubai for the purpose of strengthening global capabilities, and plans to accelerate the establishment of overseas branches this year. I will do my best.