The squads that remain in the playoff phase face this weekend to be able to determine which team will accompany Estral in the grand final of the Clausura tournament, after great challenges that have been seen throughout the weeks now we have the semifinal of the lower bracket where we will see whether the rainbow or the aces can continue in the contest of the next day.

On Saturday we have a duel to death among the Rainbow 7 team against Team Aze that seek to be able to take the victory to advance to the final of the lower bracket, on the one hand Dimitry has had a complicated season compared to what which demonstrated in openness while Oddie continues to show its fangs to be able to dominate key games, now we will see that Junglero will have the power to go out in the encounter. On the other hand CEO will have an important challenge to be able to fall to 5kid Since both shooters have demonstrated great performance in the lower lane, without a doubt the looks must be in this epic duel.

The squad that comes out victorious from this best of five will have to face another series on Sunday where Isurus is eager to get rid of any of the two squads because he wants to reach the grand final to be able to take revenge on the pharaohs in the face-to-face event, having the aggressiveness of Grell in the jungle and the experience of Seiya in the middle part the sharks will seek to leave everything to obtain the victory.

With two very interesting games, the three teams are ready to be able to demonstrate their greatest tools to get the pass to the final in Gamergy, Only one can get ahead after this weekend, we have seen dilled series towards a single side but we have also seen fifth map in some past duels now remains who will be the one who dominates others.