The Apex Legend, which started service on Steam in November 2020, beat the battleground with 510,000 concurrent users on the 10th, when the 14th season began, and has maintained 400,000 people afterwards.

The Apex Legend began its service on Steam in seven seasons a year after its launch in February 2019. At the beginning of the launch of the steam, it started with 110,000 concurrent users, and the number of users continued to increase as the season continued. While chasing the battleground, it was ranked third over the last 10 days and the 14th season, exceeding the number of simultaneous users of the Battleground.

Apex Legend’s popular factors are faithful basics such as stalled content and balance patches. Every time the season begins every three months, a new legend (character) is added, and it is giving a different feeling by adding new maps and changing existing maps. In addition, the story is steadily developed, the equipment and systematic parts are responding quickly, and the impression that it is paying attention to the balance adjustment. It comes to mind.


Meanwhile, in addition to the Apex Legend, Naraka: Blade Point surpassed Tim Fortress 2, with 16,942 people on the 19th at the TOP 20, the top 20 users, and the last test before the launch was 54,661. He ranked 20th with his name.

In the world’s best sales rankings in Steam, Naraka: Blade Point ranked third with a sale, and the Overcook-style plate-up ranked fourth. FIFA 23, which released the Ultimate Edition benefits, ranked seventh.