The other day, there was an event where the game commentary of Anonymous; Code , which was licensed by the company, was deleted in the middle of the live. The riot occurred on August 17 by Rinho Minazu, who belongs to the Holostars, a male VTuber group operated by Cover Co., Ltd. It seems that Mages.

ANONYMOUS; CODE is the latest work by Chiyo Maru Shikikura and the Scientific ADV series production staff who have been working on Steins; Gate and CHAOS; Child just released on July 28. is. On August 17, Rinho Minazu was delivering live broadcasts that live this work at first glance. However, before the clear end, the live distribution suddenly ended. The distribution archive itself was also deleted.

Rinho Mizushi is also confused on Twitter that the live distribution has been deleted suddenly. This is because the game commentary this time was not performed without permission, but was distributed in advance with the permission from the company. In addition, the sections allowed in live distribution are limited. However, this point was also performed live after confirming in advance. Rinho Mizushi explained that he would check the management with the words of apology, despite being confused by the situation.

Who stopped? It seems that Mages. Chiyomaru Shikura, Chairman of the CEO. Immediately after the live distribution of Rinho Minazuye was deleted, Shikura stated that he had stopped with the original author authority on Twitter because he had crossed the section where distribution was allowed. 。 However, as mentioned earlier, Rinho Minazuyo claimed that it was distributing with permission. The information is complicated due to a discrepancy in both sides. Did you cross the permitted line, or did you really get the permission in the first place? While such speculation is flowing, a statement is announced on August 18 from the official science ADV Twitter. He explained that there was no problem with the game commentary of Rinho Minazu, and that it was the fault of the company.

According to this statement, criticism was flooded by viewers in Shikura’s remarks. It has been pointed out that Rinho Minazu Rinho has caused the damage due to the inconvenience of the company. Also, if you have three warnings for copyright infringement on YouTube, all the channels associated with your account will be stopped. Under such circumstances, it seems that many people are worried that Rinho Minazu’s YouTube channel could not survive. The warning that stops with a voice for the original is more risky for distributors.

As a supplement, the warning of copyright infringement is 90 days as a YouTube specification expires. It is also possible to withdraw the claim from the person who filed a copyright infringement. At least it will not mean that the YouTube account of Rinho Minazuo is still damaged. However, it is unknown whether this copyright claim, but apparently Rinho Minazu Mizu was temporarily unable to deliver live distribution immediately after the turmoil. Although the restrictions have been canceled, they seem to have hindered the other live distribution.

Later, Mr. Shikura also released an apology on his Twitter on this turmoil. He explained that he had not been able to share information in advance between the Science and Public Relations Public Relations. He acknowledged that he had caused the uproar due to his dogmatic action and apologized to Rinho Minazu. On the other hand, there are some criticisms about posting personal apologies in images in a late-night time when there are no people.

Mr. Shikura also distributed it in TwitCasting early on August 19 and talked about this background. Mr. Shikura said he had watched his live commentary for three hours without knowing that Rinho Minazu had been distributed live with permission. He pointed out that there are distributors who play the ending without knowing the sections that can be distributed, despite the fact that the live commentary itself was interesting. This time, Rinho Minazui decided that he could play until the ending, and he filed a copyright claim as the original author.

However, the next day, he learned that the office to which Rinho Minami belonged was performing live distribution in advance with the company’s permission. It seems that he had learned later that he was planning to play only in the permitted section. Shikura explained that he had responded immediately, saying that he was bothering him due to the turmoil. Rinho Minazu was a victim, and he emphasized his attitude that he had done wrong.

He also contacted YouTube for the deleted distribution archive and copyright infringement claims and asked for recovery. If the withdrawal from the right holder is accepted by YouTube, the YouTube channel of Rinho Minazu, who has been penalized, will return to the normal status.