Fishing in Cult of the Lamb is one of the various funny classes that allow you to relax from your usual duties of the leader of the cult. You can either sell this fish on the market, or use it to feed your cult members, complete tasks, etc.

This mini-game must be unlocked, as it is not available at the very beginning of the game. The next leadership will give some tips regarding the process of unlocking mini-games, fishing mechanics, as well as species of fish that can be obtained.

How to unlock fishing in Cult of the Lamb

As you pass the game, you will ultimately encounter a NPC fishing in Darkwood. The meeting with the fisherman will open the location Pilgrim passage on your world map for the first time.

Now, using your teleport, you can easily go to Pilgrim’s passage from your base to talk with the fisherman again to unlock fishing in the agent cult.

Pay attention to a tiny fishing sign to the left of the fisherman. This is your assigned place for fishing. Move to the location to start fishing.

How to catch fish in Cult of the Lamb

The mini-game about fishing is quite simple in development. After starting, you will see a scale corresponding to the distance to which you can throw the fishing line. Fill it in accordance with the distance to the line.

As soon as the fish falls on the hook, a strip will appear on the right side of the screen. Your task is to hold the hook inside the green strip to successfully wind the fish.

Types of Pisces in Cult of the Lamb

During the mini-game you will see three types of shadows that correspond to the type of fish that you will receive. A small shadow indicates Golyana, while the average shadow means that you are likely to catch either salmon or an needle-bell. Finally, large shadows indicate several fish, such as tuna, squid, crab, octopus, lame fish and omar.


You can also conduct the ritual of ocean generosity, which will increase your chances of obtaining a special and rare fish, and you can also catch more fish than usual.