Masahiro Sakurai, a game creator known for Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Kirby of the Stars, has opened the YouTube channel Masahiro Sakurai’s game .

In this channel, we posted a video with the goal of slightly raising the fun of games around the world. He talks about games and the fun of games, and says he will bring a little awareness to those who make games or want to make it.

The main story is that it is a content that adds a little to the viewer’s experience, and it will explain simple things that are common sense at development sites. For those who play games, they may be able to enjoy the game mechanism and enjoy the game more.

In the video, the development ROM of the Super Smash Brothers series and some development materials developed by Mr. Sakurai will be released. He is talking to Nintendo. However, it is Mr. Sakurai to operate, and Nintendo does not matter.

For details, please check About this channel posted. At the same time, Masahiro Sakurai Director Works, which summarizes the works that Mr. Sakurai has worked on, and Stop!, Introducing the concept of hit stops, so don’t miss it.

In addition, this channel does not make a profit, and advertising settings are not sandwiched between the way. He says that it is an investment in the game industry and proceeds with the operation.