Overseas media DEADLINE reports that Netflix has cut off the live-action drama Resident Evil in one season.


Resident Evil is a live-action drama version of Capcom’s popular survival horror Resident Evil series. The drama, whose original story is developed on two time axis, was launched on Netflix in July.

According to DEADLINE, the drama was in the top 10 until the second week of the distribution started, but fell out of the top 10 in the third week. Andrew Dabbu, a show runner, said in an interview that he wanted to make symbolic characters such as Dmitless Ladies and Plant 42 appear in the interview, but it seemed unfortunate.

In the drama, the popular character, Albert Wesker, has become a hot topic about the fact that the race is different from the original game version, and Dapb says, In modern times, it is searching for blonde actors because it is a blonde character. Make yourself a bad position. In addition, Wesker, Lance Ladyl, commented, I tried to blow my life into the figure written in the script, without referring to the already established villain. increase.

The live-action drama Resident Evil is being distributed on Netflix.