The tactical shooter VALORANT appears in the TBS drama Riding Unicorn, which is being broadcast every Tuesday at 10:00 pm. In the eight episodes where VALORANT appeared, Hidetoshi Nishijima, who is interested in watching the World Tournament, and how to use in-game abilities, is clearly depicted, If you put on a TV, Valorant is out. I was surprised to see Valorant.

Riding on a unicorn is based on the setting that Tomoshi Kotori, an uncle salaried worker played by Hidetoshi Nishijima, will change jobs under the young female CEO of a startup company, played by Meiku Nagano. It is a adult youth drama (from the official website) depicting the growth of the protagonists who live straight towards their dreams while struggling with their work.

As for the appearance of Valorant, engineers who are active in the main character, Sana Narukawa’s company Dream Pony, are pulled out to rival companies by companies between companies, and they are short of manpower. So, in order to pull out the genius engineer Min Soo somehow, let’s participate in the e-sports tournament where he participates and try contact! something like.

First of all, the explanation of e-sports appeared during the work was the international competition Valorant Champions Tour 2022 Stage 2 Masters Copenhagen held the other day. The final edition of the Grand Final (Final Battle), the moment when SUYGETSU of the team FUNPLUS PHOENIX won the victory, and the audience were fully used, and the audience was firmly used, and I saw it. Hidetoshi Nishijima) shows interest, This is e-sports…!

It also shows a member of Dream Pony wearing a practice game wearing a headset, and there is also a appearance that Tomoshi Kotori shouts Guide… Light…! rice field.

On the other hand, Emami Natsui, who plays Terma Aoyama, said, Is it reckless until the finals at our level? It is somewhat fresh that Teruma Aoyama, who was a topic of APEX Legends lifeline, and played cosplay by himself, playing VALORANT.

In the actual tournament performance, we decided to fight against Dream Pony and the company Game Academia in the first match (by the way). Tomoshi Kotori releases a guiding light again to achieve the results of the practice, but is shot down for the time being and is defeated by the Raise Ultimate Ability Showstoper.

After that, the scene where Dream Pony members were defeated, such as being sucked by Astra’s abilities or losing by shooting, was eventually defeated in the round score of 0-13. In addition, in the defeated round, we are fighting with a handgun, and considering that it was the first round after turning off the offense and defense in 0-12, it is consistent.

Dream Pony lost in this match. This shows that this tournament is a single elimination of BO1. And it was not far from the genius engineer Min Soo, which was the purpose of participation.

On the other hand, the opponent, Game Academia, uses gaming PCs, monitors, and gaming chairs that shine in seven colors, and after the match, they talked to the great company of the company. Not only is the game screen abundantly used, but the game screen appears on a wipe, mainly the expression of the performers, and it expresses how to play well with ingenuity. It may be worth a look if you are a Valorant fan.

And e-sports may have become familiar enough to be built into a part of the drama and aired in golden time.

The TBS drama Ride Unicorn is being broadcast every Tuesday from 10:00 pm. In addition to all episodes on the video on demand Paravi, it is being distributed for free for one week after broadcasting on TVer/Gyao (until Tuesday, August 30). And Valorant is being distributed on the official website/Epic Game store for Windows.