When we think of the best plays of League of Legends , it is normal for us to come to mind the highest level qualifying games or even professional games. However, there are times that the best moments of the video game arrive in a mode without competitive interest. These alternatives allow us to try objects of objects or combinations of runes that are not necessarily the best for our champions with the sole intention of bringing their stronger characteristics to the maximum. Something that has resulted in an impressive interaction.

An impossible play in a competitive game


In this case, the moment a player wanted to share with the League of Legends community is starring Warwick . Although it is easy to forget taking into account that the champion does not usually take advantage of this face of his skills kit, The definitive wolf increases the maximum scope of it depending on the speed of movement . In this sense, the player at the controls was clear about his goal. Increase the distance by investing the gold and the necessary resources to pounce on the enemies from outside their vision radius. A hunting strategy that would make us jump from the chair and had the following result.

With a higher range that would be necessary to consider his definitive one as a global ability, the champion cuts a distance of thousands of units to pounce on a rival that hardly fled using one of the portals of the hextech crack. There was no need to make use of the interesting additions offered by Ultimate Spellbook. For the player, it was enough to know each other without pressure and to be able to choose a Build far from being optimal in terms of competitive performance that has reminded us that perhaps we have not played League of Legends too much for too long just to have fun.

Far from all the stress of the rankeds, there is a world in which League of Legends is enjoyed in a different way. It is very good to try to compete to increase our MMR and get different goals. However, few things are more fun than enjoying a somewhat less demanding game accompanied by our group of friends seeking to take the champions to the limit.