Moonbreaker is a step-by-step strategic game that imitates joy and acute sensations from board miniature games. Players will be able to create an army by collecting digital miniatures to fight with other players. Bearing in mind this design, you may be wondering if there will be a microtranscation in Moonbreaker.


Is there any microtransactions in Moonbreaker?

Answer yes-there is there will be microtransactions in the lunolom. They will be purchased for the in-game currency called Pulsars. Pulsars are one of many currencies in the game and can be bought for real money. According to the official Moonbreaker Discord, Pulsars can be used to buy Booster, which gives random units when opening.

Moonbreaker’s microtransactions seem to follow the path of collectible card games in which they are used to accidentally buy units. One of the developers explains that boosters can be purchased for pulsars and forms, in-game currency earned during payment. Pulsars are designed for accelerate progress for those who do not have time to delve.

The developer is clearly trying to be open and honest with regard to the use of microtransactions in the game. But only time will tell how microtransactions will affect Moonbreaker and whether they will create a Pay-to-Win atmosphere.

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