It still has a little left the new delivery of Football Manager, and with the return of football it is the ideal time to play the previous edition and give cane to the SEGA sports management game. What happens this year is that in addition to the 2022 game can be reduced in certain stores, this time We have FM22 completely free at the Epic Store, courtesy of Amazon.

From Prime Gaming they usually give games monthly, and the last one they have announced, and that is already available, is none other than Football Manager 2022 for the Epic Games digital store. If you had not given that version a chance, or if you skip this edition, it is a good way to immerse yourself in the world of digital benches.

The first is the first: How do I get free manager Football?

The process is very simple. You just have to go to Amazon Prime Gaming page that have enabled the 2022 Football Gift Gift. After clicking, you will see a similar image to the superior. There it will be validated that you are Amazon Prime client, an indispensable requirement to enjoy this offer.

After this, you will have to link your Amazon account with the game account at the Epic Games Store. If you do not have it, you can make one free of charge in the upper right corner of the store’s home page. Once this step is done, you can claim your copy of Football Manager 2022 at the Epic Games Store.

First step: Choose equipment

It may seem nonsense, but the reality is that the first great decision you will make is precisely the most obvious: your team. The game will not be the same if you choose to sports of la coruña in the first Spanish federation, or to Newcastle , the team with more budget to spend on signings.

Therefore, we recommend you go through our team choice guide. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with the choice, but it can be a good way to find some interesting idea.

Player Guide

After that, what will touch you is to sign the occasional player to put the team ready. There are many issues to attend to here, as if you want to sign young star or aim for players without contract that serve you for your small budget. We give you a couple of ideas with our guides.

  • List of best young people and wonderkids
  • Better chollos and cheap signings
  • Players to avoid
  • Players that end contract
  • Very strong players in the game


Tactics, formations and strategies

The next thing is to see what to do with those players you have signed. You may have to pull the classic 4-2-3-1 GEGGENPRES, or maybe you want to operate something a little strangely this time. Anyway, we bring you some ideas to take the team to victory. Or maybe what you want is to train in a very different way.

  • The tactics of the 136 goals
  • Three different ways of training
  • Three very powerful tactics
  • Win in low divisions in three steps

And if none of that is worth: So you can use the editor

If this is costing you a bit of training, or perhaps if you want to do things how to create a country to train in it, we give you the keys to do so. The only step you have to do is open the editor and give it a little cane. In the guide below we show you to put more money, move team players, or change all kinds of variables.