At the Cod Next showcase event, some new functions in Modern Warfare 2 and War zone 2.0 were announced. Fans quickly noticed the prospect of the third person in the official Modern Warfare 2 trailer, which will be available for a multi-user game and some modes in Modern Warfare 2. So, if you want to know more about TPP modes that will appear in the COD franchise, we have you covered with you covered. Here is all that is known about the third person in Modern Warfare 2.

Does Cod Modern Warfare 2 have a third-person view?

Cod Modern Warfare 2 will have a playlist with a third-person view for various multi-user modes. In open beta versions and when launching, the first-person playlists and from the first person will be divided, but this can be changed depending on the reviews of the players and the gameplay. Fans were looking forward to the introduction of the TPP system in Modern Warfare 2, and it will have several nuances that will take the shootout to a completely new level.

How does a third-person mode work in Modern Warfare 2?

In the future, from a third person, players will look at the character at a slightly rear angle of the camera, which will allow them to see the surroundings better. Despite the fact that the depth of the field before your operator has decreased, players will see the best survey of the environment. The camera focuses on the right shoulder of your operator. You can change your shoulder by changing the viewing direction from left to right, which will be the main factor when viewing the corners on the maps.

At the sight of a third person, the crosshair is automatically located in the center of the screen. You will see X, aiming from the object. The scaling of the camera occurs automatically when the player moves from one angle to another and stops before a collision with objects. This function allows players to change their position for a better angle. Players will automatically switch to the first-person appearance, aiming at the sight from a third person. This means that every time you aim, the view changes to the first-person appearance, which allows you to hit the target exactly.

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