Even being Sunday, a user has just released a pump of millions of megatons for the video game industry: many videos and content about Delta 6 have been leaked, the next great game of Rock star that will mark a before and after in the industry ** as with practically all its games. The person in charge of filtering all this information seems to have been a hacker that a few days ago managed to do the same with Uber.

While we cannot confirm that all this footage are true, several important industry and journalists have taken it as real due to how specific it is in every way. Next, we leave you with all the details and information that we have been able to get out of these game plays so early of the next installment of the Grand Theft Auto saga.

Two protagonists in the Bonnie and Clyde style

One of the great leaks that we could learn about the game was that for the first time we were going to to control a woman in the single player mode next to a partner , something similar to the couple of Bonnie and Clyde in which they joined forces To dock banks and other places. Well, as you can see in the footage from above, everything indicates that this will be so.

Within this restaurant, we can see that the player threatens the cashier with a gun and forces him to open the cash register. He also interacts with the public, making sure they do not escape, and even tie the hands of a person. It is worth noting that the background voice performance seems to be in the game , although the players models are not finished and the animations do not finish being completely polished.

Police, shootings and physical NPC

One of the most prominent and long videos of those that have been leaked so far has been the operation of the police of this new delivery . In the video that we show you just above you can see how one of the protagonists is in the middle of a shooting with several police officers. It can be seen as the of the enemies respond to the threat of our character through codes inmates of the game to cause the most realistic reaction possible.

In addition, you can see the physical ones when firing, some physical that remind us a lot of what we saw in GTA IV that turned out to be much more realistic, something that was lost in the fifth delivery in pursuit of the Spectacularly If we look good, at the top of the screen there is a bar that is exhausted slowly and shows the time missing for the police to reach the scene. When emptying, the police arrives and the player escapes from the restaurant with his money.

Also note that The game is running with an RTX 2080 , so it is likely to use the graphic engine Rage that has been using from the fourth installment of the saga and that it is a little more improved than Red Dead Redemption 2, so it is likely to leave for previous generation consoles to maximize the benefits.

Return to Vice City

Another of the great rumors about GTA: Americas, a key name of the new rock star project, is that the action will be created around the mythical city of Vice City , place we would return after almost 20 years and without Tom Peretti (his original voice actor, Ray Gotta, died a few months ago). Several images and videos show that the city seen in this leak is vice city, either by police cars or by the signs of some public places.


There have also been several places that our protagonists will frequently visit for some reason or another: a Alterne Club full of life and lust , an area near the beach near what could be the mythical apartment by Tommy Peretti, or even the appearance of a functional train as in GTA 4 that will quickly transport us anywhere on the map that, remember, has many things to polish and rightly.

The vehicles, something essential in Rock star

Something that is obvious to talk is about driving and vehicles . And while much has not appeared on this area, it is true that have been seen quite interesting details like the one we have left you just above. The car edition both outside and inside will be spectacular, choosing to the height of our steering wheel so that it is more aesthetic or powerful. They have also been able to see the shock physical , but it is something that is noted is in its first days of filming, and you still lack Rock star details.

There are too many videos of leaks with different situations, but these are the great news that this unforeseen filtration has left us.
Of course, before the end of the article, you have to remember two things: on the one hand, we take this with tweezers by not being official, although many have confirmed that comes from Rock star;
On the other hand, remember that This is a 2019 version of the game , that is, that everything we have seen will have evolved exponentially.