After the great success of the first edition in which Bare came out as a winner, The Pokémon twitch cup 2022 is taking shape. At the moment they have been announced to 13 participants, that repeat last year, Although these will not be alone, since several ads are expected for its presentation.

On September 20, on the IAI’s Twitch channel , the rest of the guests will be known that are part of this Twitch Cup, so we understand that there will be several novelties compared to the last edition.


Participants of the twitch cup 2022

There is an incredible expectation for this event, and more after seeing the response of Fan-Games Eric Lottie, who has promised that this Pokémon twitch cup 2022 will be the event of the year . Forget about the 300 events of minecraft. This will be something unprecedented. After the Squid Game Minecraft and similar projects, which left the bar so high , if the promise is fulfilled we can be facing something historical.

Seeing the good reception, it would not be surprising that the event had some good numbers, although we will have to wait until it ends it to assess, or not, if this Pokémon Twitch Cup of 2022 can be on the list of the best events of the year of the year As far as streaming and series platforms are concerned.

*When the rest of the participants are announced to the event we will update the article.